Awaiting LLETZ appointment


So I've been frantically googling since my colposcopy a couple of days ago (bad I know) but I kept coming back to this site and I thought it would be best for me to just put a post up and get support from people who have been / know what it's like to go through this.


So I had my first smear last year when I was 25 and found I had HPV but had low grade changes so they just arranged for me to have another smear a year later standard stuff. So attended my smear this year and went for a colposcopy again, as expected,  to find I now have CIN3 changes and need to have a LLETZ but under general anesthetic because of where the abnormal cells are. I had a biopsy during my colposcopy so I'm awaiting the results of that.

I guess my questions to the forum are the general things running through my mind right now. 1, I have GAD and panic disorder and I'm terrified of new medications never mind being put to sleep, wondering if anyone has had general anaesthetic before, what's it like?

2, If my cells went from CIN1 to CIN3 within a year does that mean the chances of them becoming cancerous are higher?

3, Could these cells already be cancerous? I'm awaiting biopsy results honestly expecting the worst.


4, Apologies for the details but after the biopsy I'm bleeding,again as expected, but it's bright red blood and like red/brown stuff that kind of looks like tissue or something (definitely not tissue tho) there was an issue taking the biopsy the first tool didn't cut right and the doc had to request a new one, very unpleasant but worried that somethings wrong now


I guess any advice or support from people who have been through this will be much appreciated, if anything else to put my mind at ease 

Hi Shelbs

i have recently had both colonoscopy and lletz. I had lletz with gas and air as was and am very nervous. I had cin2, though it had looked milder initially.

From what I understand cell changes are quite unpredictable and so it doesn't mean you would be high risk of cancer, but well worth getting rid of them so there is less risk. 

I think anxiety is normal, a letter just came through my letter box which I thought was biopsy results from my lletz. My heart is still beating - it was just the letter saying I'd had it.

the helpline is really good here for support- completely recommend. 

Id give them a ring about the biopsy bleeding though, just to put your mind at ease.

Thank you so much! Yeah the waiting for results is definitely the worst part, I'm just hoping the LLETZ will clear everything up D:

Statistically it has a very good chance x

even higher when you are young like you and not an oldie like me :)