Referred to hospital for coloscopy - no smear results

Hi everyone! I’m not so happy to be here, but I am happily surprised at the amount of information and support on this board. I’m 31, and have the Kyleena hormonal coil. No notable medical issues but I was referred to the breast clinic last year for what turned out to be a fibroadenoma. That has grown a bit since I saw the clinic but as I understand it, that’s totally normal.

I had a routine smear test 12 days ago (Wed 28 Feb) and skipped along my way thinking that all would be fine. My last smear was a while ago but I moved from Scotland to England, and in Scotland smears are every 5 years unless there is a problem. I admit with the move, my last one was probably more than 5 years ago though I couldn’t give a date, I have absolutely no idea.

I haven’t received any results from my smear yet (nor did I expect to, I was told that it would take about two weeks, and that I should give my gp surgery a ring if I hadn’t heard anything in 3-4 weeks). This morning I received a letter from the hospital inviting me to an appointment next Wednesday (20 March). The letter doesn’t do much to dissuade concern with phrases like “It would be in your best interests to accept the first available appointment offered to you” or “At the first visit…” The letter talks about treating CIN but I have not received anything to say that’s what I have. If it’s CIN2 or CIN3 then they’ll do the LLETZ on the day. It also says I should make arrangements to rest for 24-48 hours after my appointment. I’m sure this wording is totally standard on these letters but my goodness, it sounds serious.

I can’t fault the experience, it’ll be three weeks to the day from smear to colposcopy, and I think you really can’t ask for more than that! But I am a little disappointed not to have received any results from my smear test. I called my GP but unfortunately they can’t see any results either, they said it must still be with the lab.

Has anyone else had a similar experience? It’s never entered my mind that this may happen, and I am a big believer in being armed with as much information as possible (it doesn’t cause anxiety, actually quite the opposite). It’s an impossible question, but does anyone have any idea what I might be looking at here?

Since I’m on the coil, I don’t really have periods, but it has now struck me that I do get some spotting after sex sometimes but I always just thought that was more coil/period related. A little pink when I wipe is all I get with either. Probably reading too much into that.

I’d be lying if I said the speediness wasn’t a concern. So quick the lab hasn’t released my results to my GP (or me?)? Nine days from referral to clinic? Three weeks from smear to colposcopy? Should I stop reading into this and just be happy my trust is so ‘on it’?

Thank you to anyone who has read all of this. I think it’s probably quite clear that I am a little apprehensive, and most of all just feeling like I know nothing about what is happening at the moment.


Hey, i’m unsure why your GP hasn’t gotten your results but I’ll let you know what my experience has been including timeframes as I know the feeling, you feel like your in the dark and it does nothing but make you worry! I also remember thinking it has to be bad because the results were quick but I think it’s usual protocol for these things

I’m 26, I had my first smear at 25, came back normal cells but HPV positive so told to test again in a year, I went for my second smear in December 12th 2023 and got my results on the last week of December (2 weeks later) which said I was HPV positive and had minor cell changes inviting me for a colposcopy which was scheduled 4 weeks later for 30th Jan 2024.

At the colposcopy they took 3 biopsy samples and 2 weeks later I got another letter saying they’ve found CIN3 so I needed a LLETZ, that was scheduled 3 weeks after bringing us to 7th March, so I had my LLETZ last week and now awaiting the results of that!

I can only assume they’ve booked you in for a colposcopy because they want to look at your cervix closer, with the microscope they use and the dye and then at that point they will decide if they want to take samples or treatment!

I’ve read it’s different for everyone, I’ve read some people are told what Cin they are off the back of the smear others had treatment straight away, me I had to have biopsy’s to confirm my CIN.

Although I might have not been able to answer your question, I hope you can take something away to try and feel more at ease while you’re waiting!

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Thank you so much for your detailed reply! I think you’re probably right about wait times, and I’m sure some “luck” comes into it based solely on what happens to be available when they book you in.

I’m sorry to hear you’re going through it, but it seems they have it well in hand! How was the LLETZ?

Yeah definitely has to be some luck, I’m glad it all happened so quick instead of waiting months because I just know the waiting wouldn’t have done me any good mentally if there was a long wait! So try take it as a positive that if there is something wrong you’re going to get seen soon!

Thank you, I just hated not knowing or understanding so like you I’ve done so much reading to try and understand what it is that was going on as I felt like every answer and letter I got wasn’t direct enough and abit shrouded in mystery haha! The LLETZ went well, abit sore and aching but just taking it easy! Hopefully fingers crossed my results come back ok!

Keeping everything crossed for your results, hope all goes well!

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I got my smear results in the post this morning. HPV+ and high grade (severe) dyskaryosis. I know it’s still not necessarily anything more sinister than troublesome cells and the treatment is not necessarily any worse than lopping a bit off my cervix. But that is a rather scary result!

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Glad you’ve got your results so you know what your dealing with! It is scary your mind runs away with the worst, but at least at the colposcopy they will either biopsy or do the treatment straight away
Keep us updated and if you have any questions about the colposcopy or the LLETZ let me know x

I’m not sure if it is best to add my additional questions here or whether I should create a new post but I have now seen my full Pap smear results:

  • High risk HPV detected
  • High-grade squamous dyskaryosib (severe)
  • Abundant polymorphs present

The only thing I can find online about polymorphs in smear tests is that it is a common reason for an inconclusive test because it obstructs the testing process. Has anyone else had this? It is listed under “additional codes” on my results.

Hi Alexarmac! Just wanted to check in with you to see if you had gotten your results yet. Hope your recovery is going well!

Hey! Recovery is slightly better this week, I was given antibiotics last week for a suspected infection so I was in quite a lot of pain, this week is much better but still got pains and cramps! How have you been?

Nope still no results, I’m hoping they come this week or next the waiting is causing such anxiety! I saw your results above, your scheduled to go for your appointment tomorrow arnt you? Best of luck and keep us updated on how you get on!

Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better! The wait for results must be torturous. I think the fact that your biopsies came back as CIN3, it’s likely all ok! Keeping everything crossed that the LLETZ confirms your biopsies and that they got good margins :slight_smile:

Yes I’m in for my colposcopy tomorrow afternoon. Trying not to be too nervous and remind myself that it’s statistically very unlikely to be anything more than a few changed cells! It’s like a merry-go-round though - I research, convince myself it really is all ok and I’m being a bit silly. That settles me for a while and then I do it all over again! I feel like a nervous goldfish.


I know what exact feeling haha! Literally do the same cycle :joy: the nerves are normal though, I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow and hope everything goes well!


sorry to jump on here just wondered how your colposcopy went?

Hi! It was fine. She told me before she had a look at anything that she would rather biopsy first and do the LLETZ later because I don’t have any children yet and the LLETZ can increase the risk of late term miscarriages / early labour.

It wasn’t comfortable but it was okay! I have a mild clotting disorder so it took a while to curb the bleeding but I think that’s not normal. Crampy and sore now but not too bad! Not looking forward to the biopsy wait.


At least the first step is done! That’s exactly what they said to me and why they did biopsy first before the LLETZ! The waiting is horrible but hopefully you get your results soon!

For now, rest up and be kind to yourself, hot water bottle will be your best friend x

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Hey @JLD how are you doing ? Have you had your results yet?

I got my LLETZ results today and they said they got all the cells and that no cancer was found, told me to go for another smear in 6 months time! What a relief hopefully at my 6 month review everything is still ok! :crossed_fingers:t4:xx

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Hey @Alexarmac, that’s FANTASTIC NEWS! Congrats! I am sure you are breathing a big sigh of relief :grinning: Hopefully the six month smear is all good, but considering they got all the cells with the LLETZ, I’m sure it will be. The great thing is that you’re now on their radar for closer monitoring so those pesky cells don’t stand a chance at developing into anything more sinister.

No news on my side yet. The histology is now pending on my hospital portal which means they have completed it, waiting for MDT and for them to contact me now! I’m feeling a lot more calm now, it will be what it will be, and they’ll let me know when they know.


Thank you, yes so pleased a massive weight off my shoulders! Definitely fingers for my 6 month review!

I know what you mean I got like that recently I just thought it’s out of my control the result will be what it is and I can’t do anything about it (I think I mentally exhausted myself so I couldn’t think about it anymore)! My fingers are crossed for you, hopefully your results also come back with good news! X

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Just a small update from my side, frustratingly quite a vague one!

I have not yet received my biopsy results but I have received a new gynae appointment at the colposcopy clinic for next Friday 19 April. Trying to get hold of the department to find out what I’ve been booked in for!

At the first visit, I was told that I would need to be prescribed some coagulants before the LLETZ due to bleeding on biopsy (I have a very mild clotting issue), but no prescription received. The letter I received today doesn’t mention LLETZ at all (whereas my first did). Confused and hopefully will get a call back soon!

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Did you receive the appointment via the nhs app? That happened to me I got the appointment first and 2 weeks later the letter came. It didn’t mention the LLETZ it was very vague and said something along the lines of “you may have another biopsy or you may receive treatment” but the only reason I knew I’d be having the LLETZ is because it said CIN3 was found from my biopsy so after googling i figured it would be treatment!

Good that you have an appointment booked in but annoying they haven’t sent your results to you yet from the biopsy as you’d be able to guess what it is they were going to do

Hope you get a call back soon so you know what’s going on! :crossed_fingers:t4: