Doc referred me to hospital

Hello, my smear test came back HPV positive last year so was told I needed another in 12 months time. I went last Friday and the nurse told me my cervix looked abnormal so wanted the GP to take a look, GP was busy with pts so she told me that she would just send my sample off and ask for them to come back ASAP. Anyway got a phone call to say GP wanted to see me so went back yesterday (week after my smear) and she said she is referring me to hospital and should get an appt within the next 2 weeks. She said she doesnt want to wait for my smear results to come back as my cervix looks irregular. Has anyone else experienced this? I’m so worried. I have 2 children and am trying my best not to worry but cant help but feel scared.

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Welcome x
I think GPS aren’t really experts so they will refer if they aren’t sure to people who are. I think yours is just being careful. There are lots of issues with cervices which are nothing to worry about at all.
It’s good she has referred you so quickly, particularly as atm often women are being kept waiting.
The helpline is good and if you want to keep posting on the forum if it helps ?
I know how anxiety provoking this all is :frowning:


Hi lovely,

Something very similar happened to me back in December. The nurse was doing my smear and called the doctor in as she said the cervix looked abnormal. They referred me on a 2 week wait to colposcopy. Meanwhile my smear results came back with severe cell changes.

I went to colposcopy and before I’d even sat down the consultant said they’d be performing lletz and not to worry as it’s not cancer.

Four weeks later I got the results from my lletz and they’d removed cin2/3 cells

Last week I went for my test of cure smear and hoping I’m now hpv clear.

I also have 2 children and can tell you when I was immediately referred by GP and nurse that I didn’t eat or sleep for two weeks waiting for the appointment. I imagined the absolute worst, but everything went smoothly as could be once I got to the appointment and they sorted everything out that looked abnormal.

Big hugs and do let us know how you get on xx


Thank you so much for your reply. I’m trying to forget about it as much as I can but it’s pretty much impossible! I had to wait a week inbetween my smear and actually seeing my GP and then she sent off the urgent referral. It’s the waiting isnt it that is just awful. The GP scared me even more than I was before going into see her. I’m hoping she is just being overly cautious and all will be fine. I hope your results are clear when they come back. Thanks for sharing your story with me. Xx

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Thank you for your message. I’m staying positive and just counting down the days until my appointment. It’s the waiting that I’m finding so tough. Xx


I do recommend the helpline ( might have said). They helped me so much

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I had a similar experience last November as I was sent for colposcopy without any smear test results. The GP doing my smear test told me my cervix looked suspicious and inflamed but reassured me that it might only be Cervical Ectropion which is common for women taking the contraceptive pill. My smear test couldn’t be completed as my cervix was inflamed so at the colposcopy clinic I had a biopsy taken which showed CIN3 changes. I had them treated in January and I’m going back soon for my 6 month check up. Try not to worry as it could be Cervical Ectropion. Whatever it is they will treat it and at least it is being investigated. It scares me how we can be symptom free and not know what’s going on down there until we go for a smear test. Just shows how important it is to go for smear tests. Good luck.


Hi, thanks for your message. Hope your 6 month check up goes well for you. How did you find the treatment you had? I had some biopsies taken at the hospital, she said she was sending them off urgently so hopefully get them through soon (had my appt on 5th July) she did say it could be cervical ectroprion but said she will send them off as urgent to be on safe side. Still not had my smear results back after 5 weeks so I’m really hoping my biopsy results arent delayed too. She said I should get them back in 2-3 weeks :crossed_fingers:

It’s such a worrying time. I had my biopsy done last Thursday and the wait is the hardest part. Just try and focus on the positives, you must have had a normal smear last year ( I know you had HPV) but if they’ve left it a year they didn’t find any abnormal cells. This is good news. You are being investigated and these tests are designed to catch things early. My anxiety is through the roof so I really should practice what I’m telling you but it’s very hard not to worry. I think distraction and avoiding google is the best strategy. Good luck with your results. x