Colposcopy results consultation

Hi everyone. New to the site but wanted to ask for some advice (possibly reassurance) from anyone that may have had a similar situation. I had my first smear in July of this year (I'm 25) and was called for a colposcopy in September. The nurse explained that she could see the problem area and she took a simple biopsy from it. I was then explained to about the CIN stages and told her recommendation would be for me to have a course of treatment if my biopsy came back showing CIN 2 or 3.

My smear results took 4 weeks to reach me and I was told by the nurse at my colposcopy that my results for the biopsy would arrive in between 6-8 weeks (I went to a hospital in Cardiff). Today marks 9 weeks and 1 day since and I received a letter today from the hospital stating that an appointment had been made for me at the beginning of December for a 'consultation'. There was no mention of a follow-up colposcopy etc. I'm thinking that for them to leave it so long to tell me (and the fact it's another month until my consultation) that it can't be anything too serious, but I was wondering if this was standard procedure or whether most women after a colposcopy get their actual results in the post and an explanation of the next step. 

Any help/advice/guidance would be much appreciated.


Hi, I am still waiting for results so I am not the best person to comment, but just to say that the time scale doesn't sound worrying (they aren't rushing!).  Maybe it's CIN 2 or 3 and they need  to arrange to treat it?


Good luck and try not to worry (easier said than done, I know!) x


from reading on here it seems to be the ladies who got their results quickly, many were phoned to come in and this was within 2-3wks. Not everyone, but this tends to be the norm so having waited this long will hopefully be good news xxx fingers crossed