Direct referral from GP???

At my appointment yesterday, i was referred for Colposcopy without a smear or examination, because i was presenting with abnormal bleeding and discharge etc. Has anyone else been referred without a smear or just because they were presenting symptoms?

According to the NHS guidelines online, women presenting with symptoms referred to Colposcopy should be seen in a couple of weeks, was this the case with you???

When my GP referred me she told me my appointment would be within two weeks. That being said I received a call from the hospital 2 days later and saw the gynaecologist a week after my GP appointment. I believe the two week time scale is what they have to stick to but hopefully you will be seen sooner too. I can't comment on no examination as my GP did examine me.

Best of luck

Rachel x

Thanks for replying, i'm just really going mad here! I'm ringing my local hospital in my lunch hour to see what timescale i should be on!

Poxy hospital, Colposcopy clinic goes straight through to voicemail, tried endless times now grrrrrrrrrrrrr :(

That's great - I know a lot who have been turned away with the same issues as they weren't due a smear yet - so to bypass that completely and go straight to Colp is a good think. I'm sure everything is ok, you should get a letter through with your appt details soon X

Thanks for replying! I really hope so because i hate the waiting game :(

I've been trying the hospital for hours and the Colposcopy clinic just goes straight through to voicemail and no-one has called me back yet!

I didnt get examined internally, he felt my tummy though as i have abdominal pain also (mainly durng periods). I have been referred for colposcopy and ultrasound. He said I should hear from them within 2 weeks this was on monday 18th.


D x

I was referred after symptoms and normal smear. I had a colposcopy yesterday and they found white areas when they put the dye on. They took biopsies and now it's the agonising wait for the results xx

Hi Spiros, thanks for your reply, how long do you have to wait. I rang my local hospital and they told me in urgent cases it could still be up to 4 weeks just to get the colposcopy!! So I went through my private health scheme at work and I'm seeing a gynaecological consultant on Tues after work, thank god, I just hate waiting!! Fingers crossed your results are good ones xx

That must be very worrying for you, but it would be so much worse if he took a smear and you had to wait for the results of that! I read your other thread about the photo you took and really hope that its something harmless. Let us know how you get on tomorrow. I'm glad you decided to go private, those weeks waiting are just horrible!