2 weeks after coloscopy another appointment

Hi all, I’m pretty new too this, have never wrote into a forum before,

So I recently went for my first Smear test, age 27. I just never thought about it and never went for one, so it totally slipped my mind until a friend made me go. After my smear I received a hospital letter referring me for a colposcopy, no results where given too me before hand, when I went I found out I’d severe abnormal cells and hpv. They suggested the best thing for me would be LLETZ, which I had done there and then, and advised wait 6 months too be seen again! 

Its now been 2 weeks since and I’ve received another letter referring me back to gynaecology in my local hospital? i was told I’d receive results in the post in 6-8 weeks, but for a letter to arrive within 2 weeks, dated the 2cnd and appointment for the 8th I’m a bit concerned, as my local hospital made me wait 8 weeks for my colposcopy, and generally never give such a quick appointment, considering I am still bleeding from the LLETZ, I’m guessing they know I can’t have anymore treatments just yet?

Is this the norm or any other reason why it would be so quick?

I am thinking that basically this is the same as me.. what was your outcome? Hope you're okay! X

Hello same as me, my appointment is next Wednesday what is it for?