Newbie concerned about LLETZ / colposcopy results

Hi all
I'm a newcomer to this site so hope you don't mind that my first post is asking for advice / reassurance (or someone to tell me to stop being daft!)
I went for my smear test on the 5th June. I had a call from my GP on 12th June to say I should expect a letter in the next 2-3 weeks as the results were abnormal – he said the letter would give me details about how to make the follow up appointment with the hospital. The next morning, I received another call from a GP to say the nurse had been trying to call me all morning to make my appt - I told him about the conversation with the other GP the previous day  but this GP said, the appointment would be much sooner and booked me in for 23rd June (yesterday).  I then received the letter the next day which said I needed an urgent appointment – not sure if that's normal wording?  
I went for the appointment yesterday – the nurse said they had found abnormal cells in the cervix entrance but they were mainly in the canal - so as well as the colposcopy,  I had the LLETZ treatment there and then (again I'm not sure how common that is as I've heard some people are called back another time for theirs). She thinks she's removed all the abnormal cells in the cervix entrance. However I was in such a daze that I'm not really sure what has happened with the ones found in the canal – she did say that because of where they were, she couldn't see how abnormal they were so they've been sent for testing and that I have to wait for 3-4 weeks for the results.  If they've already been found to be abnormal, is this testing to see how advanced they are or whether they have turned cancerous? And in turn does that then determine the treatment?
I'm usually a very rational person so really trying not to think the worst but I could kick myself for not asking more questions. It's all happened so quick that I haven't really have time to process what she was telling me. To their credit, the nurses were brilliant – it was just me that seem to have lost the ability to think! I'm at work today and really trying not too get too distracted by it all but it keeps creeping in every now and again. 
I don't know whether I should be worried that the first GP said it would be a few weeks and then next day I was being chased for an appointment - not sure if it was just a case that the first GP got his timescales wrong. Also, do the results come from your GP or from the hospital clinic itself? Also, I haven't actually been told what level of CIN / GCIN they have found – again is this normal as some people seem to know before they have their LLETZ? 
Sorry for all the questions – these are all the things I should have asked the nurse yesterday! 
Thanks xx

Hi Hunni,

You have come to the right place. This site is great for reassurance and information; I’ve found it so helpful over the last few months.

I’m not sure on how your hospital/clinic will work things but here’s my experience so far..

When my 1st smear results came with high grade dysk (severe abnormalities) I totally panicked, it’s hard not to!! I know it’s easier said than done but try and stay positive.

I had my LLETZ treatment at the same times as I went for my colp, this is normal. I think they just like to get it done there and then instead of messing around with second appointments. The LLETZ biopsy was sent for testing to see what the abnormal cells were (in terms of CIN1,2,3/GCIN/CIS or CC) I was not told what the abnormalities were before I got the biopsy results either.

I got the biopsy results sent to me in the post from my GP even though the whole process had previously been dealt with by the hospital clinic.

I hope this helps.

If you really are worried or you want some further information, the hospital should have a clinic number that you can call to ask further questions..

Try to stay positive and use this site as much as you want to ask questions or just to vent xxx


1st smear - 17th April 

Abnormal results - 29th April 

Colposcopy & LLETZ treatment - 20th May

Results – 23rd June – CIN1, CIN2 & CIN3 plus HPV features


Follow up smear in 6 months….

Thanks so much for you reply Katie1989 , it's good to know it's 'normal to have the LLETZ at the same time. I'm trying not to read up too much on Google as I think you can just end up scaring yourself even more!

Do you mind me asking what treatment they have suggested now you have your results or were all the cells removed in your initial LLETZ? xx 

You're welcome louisella,


It's a tough time and we all need a little support :)


They removed all of the abnormal cells when the LLETZ was done so no further treatment is required for now, just a follow up smear in 6 months to make sure nothing has come back. 


Stay positive hun and you're welcome to message me at any time if you want to vent xx