Referred to Colposcopist before getting smear result. Is this common?

Hi everyone, 

I'm very new to the forum and couldn't find any information on this. I'm 26 y/o and I had my first smear test yesterday afternoon. I booked it because I'm suffering with abnormal bleeding the past few months. During the smear yesterday, I bled and it was very uncomfortable. A couple of hours later, the doctor called me and said she'd like to refer me for a colposcopy and possible biopsy next Tuesday (so one week after smear without any smear test results). 

I'm probably overthinking it because after the smear test was finished I asked my nurse if everything was ok and she reassured me not to worry, but then I get the referral phonecall from my doctor afterwards!?

Has anyone else had the same experience? 

This also happened to me. 

Hi. This has recently happened to me. Smear test was on the 24th of Feb and recieved a letter in the post 2 weeks after with an urgent colposcopy appointment before I even had my results.

At the appointment they told me my results were 'severe grade' and they would do procedure straight away to remove them and also took biopsies. Im now awaiting the results for that.

For people with 'high/severe grade results from a smear, they put you on the 2 week cancer pathway and you get seen urgently. Its just a precaution.

Google 2 week cancer pathway and it will explain it.

Hope that helps