Need Advice Please


I have had my second smear test in the last few months return with abnormal cells. I just received my second lot of results on Thursday and I all ready have an appointment for the colposcopy clinic through for next Friday. How quickly this appointment has been sent out has me worried. Is it common practise for the doctor to have you referred to the hospital so quickly?

This won’t be my first visit to the colposcopy clinic when I was 23 (12 years ago) I was attending the clinic for around 5/6 years before being referred back to my doctor for regular smears that until now have been clear. Whilst attending the colposcopy clinic I had level 3 cells that I had treated with laser treatment but continued to be a bit of problem for a while hence the reason I was monitered and continued to attend the clinic. My first time round attending the clinic didn’t worry me as much as I was young and still quite naive but this time round I’m terrified. I haven’t had any worrying symptoms so I’m hoping I’m worrying for nothing.

I was wondered if this is common to have this reoccur years later? Also can a smear test detect cancer or is it just precancerous cells? I hoping someone can give me a little advice?

Thanks in advance

Carrie xx

As far as I'm aware smears don't detect cancerous cells. Just precancerous ones. Going by what I've read it is normal to get I  quickly for a colposcopy. They had me in 6 days after I'd received my smear results. And I had a text reminder for my colposcopy appt BEFORE I'd even received the appt letter.

I had abnormal cells treated 9 years ago and was on regular smear checks. Currently 5 weeks post biopsy and still waiting for the results! :-(