Colposcopy Confusion - help


Bit of background. Had smear 26th Feb then received letter from doctors on 22nd March to say results showed changes that need further investigation at a clinic and I woUOD receive a letter within 8 weeks. I received the appointment letter on 23rd for an appoinTrent yesterday 30th. Is it normal for it all to go so fast?

I have also seen that others had more information on their letters regarding high or low grade. Why didn't my letter have anything like that?

Went for colposcopy yesterday and they took a biopsy. Said 4 weeks for results.

Cant help thinking the worst and wondering why there was no info on my letter from the doctor and I have no idea what they "think" from the colposcopy.

Anyone share their experiences?

Aged 28

Hiya think it just depends on the area my letter had no indication of grade or what abnormality was found. I wouldn't read into that any abnormality will be referred to colposcopy for a good look. I got my colposcopy was rapid from getting the letter through again all down to waiting and lists in your area. Usually they would give you an indication at colposcopy but of there was nothing much to see id take that as a very good sign 


Charlene xx