2 week referral following visual examination

Hi all
I’m wondering if anyone has been referred for a colposcopy on a 2 week cancer referral following a visual examination only?

I’ve had a contraceptive implant in for 2.5 years and have only recently (past 3 months) began bleeding/spotting sporadically. I have also been experiencing pain when urinating and increased frequency/urgency despite having no infection present.

I had a smear performed on Tuesday at which the nurse said my cervix didn’t “look normal” and she booked me in to be reviewed by my GP today.

I’ve been to my appointment today at which I’ve had another smear-like examination performed and an internal. My GP has referred me to the colposcopy clinic via a 2 week urgent referral.

I’ve been reading posts on here but many people have had abnormal results from their smear prior to being referred for further investigation. Is there anyone who has been referred following their visual examination ahead of abnormal results being reported?

I’m very worried that being referred following just a visual could mean bad news is on the horizon!

I am in EXACTLY the same situation. I went to have a coil fitted today and the dr said she wasn't happy with the look of my cervix and has sent me for an urgent 2 week referral for a colposcopy. She said it's 2 weeks because I'm so anxious?? But my minds in overdrive! 

im on 22 and I'm so scared. 

Hi Graceeeg 

I've had my appointment through today for 5/4/16 and I'm trying not to over think things too much before I go! I'm only 26 myself and I have a 2 year old little girl.

I've looked into the procedure and possible outcomes so I feel prepared to go and I'm going with my mum as support. Do you have someone who could attend with you as support also? 

Hopefully we're both getting far ahead of ourselves and results will be positive! X

I went to my GP with pain and random mild spotting and I was referred after a visual examination. Previously Ive had to have a LLETZ treatment to remove cin2/3 tissue after a smear coming back with high grade dyskaryosis. My GP said that my cervix looked red around the opening which could be erosion which would normally be seen in someone on the pill or who is sexually active because I'm neither, plus I have previous medical history, my GP sent an urgent referral. My appointment is this Friday and I'm desperate to go so I can find out what's wrong, regardless of the result I just want to get it sorted out. I'm not a hypochondriac but I know my body and I have the same type of pain that I had with the cin tissue and I'm now also two weeks late for my period with a big increase in discharge.

I'm also young like you, 27 and I have two children. I'm at the point in my life where I would like to have the choice regarding more children but I'm at peace with the idea of not being able to also. I hope you find out soon and everything is okay. X

Hi Knelson23

I've recently started having some pain too in the last few days, it's a constant dull ache with the occasional sharp (scratch like??) pain. Does this sound anything similar to what you are experiencing at all? 

I hope things go well for you on Friday, if you feel comfortable please let me know how you get on. X

hi ladies i went to the gp in jan as i thought i had a prolapse nd thought that was causing my bleeding and pain during sex. the gp examined me and said she didnt want to worry me but she needs to refer me because my cervix doesnt look as healthy as it should. im also bleeding between periods, lots of discharge, back and tummy pain. my colposcopy is this friday and im convinced its cancer :(

Sorry princesstucker I've only just seen your message, I hope things went well for you on Friday! I had my colposcopy and had a biopsy taken but the nurse reassured me that there only appears to be mild changes and I'm unlikely to need any treatment at all! I'm waiting for my biopsy results and to book back in with the GP regarding my on going UTI-like issues! X