Colposcopy referral

I got my results back from smear as low grade and hpv. Was advised to wait 6 months for follow up smear, but as i was having symptoms such as bleeding and pain during sex and bleeding for 4 weeks after smear my Dr said she would refer me for a colposcopy. This was at the beginning of July so I have been waiting for over a month to recieve my letter for a date, still nothing!! Is there any way I can move this process along faster. It has been over 10 weeks since my smear test was taken, I feel like I've been waiting forever for anything to happen. Driving me insane!!

I would try ringing the hospital and your gp to find out what's going on. Seems an awfully long time to wait just to get an appointment through. Xxx

The waiting is horrible! I had my smear on May 11 and colposcopy on June 25. I did not get the letter until a the Friday beforehand (June 19). I did get tired of waiting though and called at some stage just to check I was actually in the system and not forgotten. Hope you hear soon.