Referral to gynae or colposcopy

Hi all,
So had my 1st abnormal smear in 2017 pre cancerous cells…it was before they tested for hpv and vefore they just referred you for colposcopy, so i had 2 abnormal and 3 normal in the space of 2 years or so
so i had a smear last year june 2022 which was hpv + amd abnormal cells was referred to colposcopy they said it was minor changes re test in a year no rreatent or biopsies done
So had my repeat smear july 2023 got results same as last year hpv+ and abnormal cells didnt say what grade etc…so got a letter saying referral to colposcopy was made which is this monday, and then i got a text today to confirm my appointment in the gynacology outpatients. So when i looked it up the colposcopy unit and gynaecology unit are 2 diff departments 2 diff doctors names and secretaries.

The text from last year said appointment reminder for colposcopy dept.

Is there a reason why i would be going to gynae instead of colposcopy

Thanks for your replies in advance

Hi, my colposcopy was in the gynae dept at the hospital. Not sure if that helps.

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I had my appointment in this same hospital last year for colposcopy and they are in 2 seperate departments, so freaking aout a bit i only got the message yesterday evening and my appointment is monday so cant ring to find out if it was an error until early minday morning or when i get there.