Cervical Smear Results HELP

Hi all,

I just had my smear test results, they were over the phone as I never received the letter due to changing address. It came back positive on HPV and grade 2 (moderate) changes to my cervix. The doctor said they want to see me again in 12 months but I am completley shocked as to why. The NHS website says if you have HPV and abnormal changes you need to go for a colposcopy, the doctor didn’t explain why they weren’t worried. I have health anxiety as it is as feel left so unanswered. I called the helpline and they were helpful but also confused as to why I haven’t been referred anywhere. Has anyone else got these results and this outcome? I’ve been searching on here and cannot see anyone else getting these results with this outcome…
Thank you

Was the phone call with your gp? From my understanding, the letters and actions advised are given by a separate organisation to your surgery so it’s not for your gp to decide the course of action if that makes sense?

I have also seen many ladies have colcposcopy and lletz procedure with moderate cell changes here on the forum, thier experiences really helped put me at ease for my own procedure. If it was the gp you spoke with I would ask if it can be chased up with the cervical screening administration service which is who gave me my letter and referred me for colcposcopy.

Sorry this is happening, try not to worry too much even moderate and severe cell changes are very easily treated although it’s very easy to say this, I was a complete wreck waiting for my colposcopy!

I hope you’re able to get some answers xx