2nd referral to Colposcopy


I wad referred to colposcopy in September 2013 after discovering I had an abnormal smear. I received Lletz treatment during this time. 6 months on I went for my check up at the GP practice for a smear test and I have been referred on to colposcopy for a second time.

Has this happene  to anyone else and if so what happens from here?

Very worried and anxious

Hi gembobs I have just read your post and thought I would send you a quick reply. In a few ladies they can sometimes not quite get all of the original problem (obviously it can be a very difficult area to get to or view) which can then show up on your 6 month smear. Obviously I am not a doctor and don't know about your situation but this is most commonly the situation. If you want anyone to talk to feel free to message me. Although we have been in this situation before it can be such a worry and I completely understand how you are feeling 

Debs :-)

Hey gem. Quick reply as out and about, but just wanted to say this happened to me. I went for my colp and they told me my smear had been clear, but had still shown hpv which is why I was referred for it. They just like to keep an eye on you if you are still positive. Obviously I don't know your full situation but I just wanted to let you know that, if it helps reassure you a bit,? I was so worried as the letter I got after my follow up snear just said abnormal cells! Hope all goes well but please try not to worry - even if cells remain, it has only been six months xx