Hi everyone. New here and first post. My smear last year came back as no cell changes and HPV positive. 1 year on my smear came back as HPV and abnormal cell changes. Went for a colposcopy and they took two biopsy's. Afterwards she said she believes it's high grade. It's been one week since the biopsy... im getting dull aches and pains lower tummy. I emailed the colposcopist to check this was normal. But the emails have somehow changed from the colposcopy department to obstetrics and gynaecology... does this mean anything or am I just panicking over nothing? 

Hi Lauren1234

I was getting twinges a week after punch biopsy, and cramps aches a week after LLETZ. I think that's normal and nothing to worry about. Colposcopy is a service that falls within the obstetrics and gynaecology dept. Obstetrics means pregnancies and gynaecology means lady bits. 

All the best x