Recurrence of CIN3

Hello All!

Five years ago I had LLETZ treatment after diagnosis of CIN3. My consultant told me when I asked if it could return, that it would be highly unlikely. After a late smear (due to Covid restrictions etc) I went for my smear and received the results today. HPV and severe dyskaryosis. I have an appointment for colposcopy in a week.

Today I have felt sick with worry. Surely its return means it is more severe than the Dr thought? I am so upset with myself for leaving it for 2 years before having my smear, in light of the previous treatment. Has anyone else had a recurrence ? And what was the outcome?

Many thanks, ladies. This site is a godsend.


Hello so sorry you have to go through this again after 5 years. Please don’t make yourself feel guilty about the 2 years late this pandemic has turned everything upside-down I was also late for mine and on top of it I ignored some signs that something was not OK. Good luck and I hope you get treatment soon or maybe just small cell changes that can go away by themselves. Just a question did you tested negative for HPV after treatment? Or you were always positive?