Im sorry but this may be a long post to read.

In 2018 i had a smear test which came back as positive for CIN3. I then had Lletz treatment and in my follow up smear 6 months later (2019) it was negative for hpv and cell changes (my area were testing hpv at that time).

I was put on 3 years smear which i went for July 2022. This took 6 weeks to comeback but came back positive for HPV, CIN3 and a query invasive. I had a colposcopy within a few days of result. I was told they could see a concerning area possibly CIN3 but that the colposcopy was quite restricted due to scar tissue from Lletz, so they couldnt see it all.

I then had another Lletz within a week. This done under general. Following this the consultant told me that my cervix was clean, she couldnt see anything of concern. I asked about the query CIN3 from colposcopy and was told that it was scar tissue. I have been told my lletz sample will go off as very very urgent but there are staffing issues and it may take 6 weeks. The consultant is a head gynae and very experiemced.

Obviously i have lots of questions. Can i go from neg hpv to cancerous in 3 years ?
Clearly the smears cant be 100% accurate can one be wrong.
If my tests come back negative where do i go from there …for example could it be further up. My ovary (i only have one) and my womb have been checked on ultrasound but just for routine.
If anyone has any similar experiences or thoughts on any of this i would be glad to receive them. Im just trying to understand what may or may not happen next and be armed with questions to ask. I feel i should be relieved that she couldnt see anything but it also makes me question everything and the wait for results isnt helping

Thank you to anyone who is prepared to share their experiences or any thoughts.