Colposcopy results

HI can anyone help please I had lletz 7 months ago had my 6 month smear 3 weeks ago and the doctor did a colposcopy at the same time because he wasn't happy with what he could see, the results have come back and it's CIN3 again. I've got a letter with an appointment for the 14th July it says to discuss my results and carry out more treatment, will it be more lletz and what do they want to discuss I'm terrified they'be found something else as well. 

Thank you x 

Hi Vicky, poor you, that's not the results you want to get after already having LLETZ and hoping everything would be fine this time round. I'd said its likely they'd do another LLETZ and they want to discuss why its still there after having it removed. Did they say you had clear margins in November?

Hi thanks for replying, my results of the first lletz didn't say anything about margins but my consultant looked quite shocked at the 6 month check up so I think they must have got it all the first time I just can't understand how it's come back so severe already, I'm wondering if there's something higher up they missed last time x 

Fingers toes and everything crossed for you that that's what it is, a patch that they missed further up, because it does seem strange that it would get to CIN3 after only 6 months! Does your clinic do a cancellation list or anything, and maybe you can get in to them sooner? 

Hi Vicky. I had my first colposcopy in November and it showed cin 2 so I had lletz treatment, biopsy confirmed cin 2.

Then at my 6 monthly smear at end of April my smear was fine but still showing hpv so I had another colposcopy on Wednesday 17th June. This showed more cells like yours. So I had another lletz treatment. My consultant said there must of been more cells in November that were missed. So this time he removed deeper down the cervix and more. He didn't say cin 2 or 3 as he wanted to wait for the biopsy results.

So I assume your treatment would be the same. Good luck xx