CIN3 3 times in 2 years

Hi everyone,


I just wanted to see if anyone else has been in my situation.


I have had CIN3 3 times in 2 years each time having LOOP treatment and being told they hae sucessfully taken all the bad cells only to have a smear 6 moths later and finding out i am at the worst stage again.

I am absoloutely terrified and cannot find any solid information other than normally after one treatment it doesnt normally come back....This only scares me more!!!

Thanks in Advance for any responses.



Hi love

I didnt want to read and run. I am so sorry to hear that it keeps returning. Although I am not quite in the same situation I have had two LLETZ so far and totally understand how scary it is for it to return - especially as so many people seem to be cured with one treatment!


There are a number of people on here who have had it return so dont panic you are not the only one. Have you managed to speak to a Doctor about next steps?


Lots of hugs


Cat x 

Thanks for the response...No i phoned hospital and was told no-one could really speak to me until 3rd of January which is my date for treatment. To be honest my doctor isnt very good and dont feel like i could talk to him, so not sure where to get advice from now. All i have found on the internet is hysterectomy which terrifies me sometimes the internet is good but in this instance you always seem to find the worse stories :(

Hi Laura,

I understand and share your fears, I've had lletz twice now and although my last smear was normal, hpv was still present. I'm due my next 6 month smear next week and I'm so worried it will come back abnormal again, I'm terrified of it progressing past cin or needing a hysterectomy when they can't do any more lletz. It's worrying when it comes back and there seems to be no help or advice from the hospital in terms of helping us boost our immune systems to fight the hpv because  that seems to be the main problem - the fact we can't clear it. I take vitamins and an immune supplement i found online but I wonder is there anything we could be prescribed to boost our immune system. I sound very negative I know, Im hoping that my smear results will come back ok this time but I'm preparing myself for them not to because it's an awful shock when it comes back abnormal after having treatment. I would love to hear of someone who has had several lletz and then cleared the hpv and had normal smears since. Anyway all I can say is you're not the only one and good luck with lletz no.3.

Hi there,

Just wanted to join in and say you’re not alone, and I really understand how scary this is, and how hard it is that so many women are ‘cured’ first time while some us still seem to have problems. I think there is a real lack of information and support for women in our situation. You mentioned finding it difficult to talk to your doctor, is it NHS? Remember you can always ask for a second opinion, or an appointment with another colposcopist if you’re not feeling comfortable,

Hysterectomy was mentioned at my last appointment because I asked ‘what if it keeps coming back’. But my consultant isn’t keen on hysterectomy as she said it isn’t a cure because the cells can still can come back abnormal at the top of the vagina. Pretty scary.

I’ve tried everything I can think of to boost my immune system - vitamins, diet etc. I’ve always lived a healthy lifestyle anyway - never smoked, slim, exercise regularly, never been promiscuous - but still this problem continues. Problem is that in some women the immune system can’t seem to clear the HPV. II think they’re still learning about the virus and still don’t understand a lot about it. I wonder if the fact my mother smoked during pregnancy caused a fault with my immune system. Just a theory, I have no proof.

Take a day at a time, and look after yourself x