Back again for 2nd lletz

October 2014 I had a lletz treatment to remove CIN3. It was removed with unclear margins. I had to go back for a smear 6 months later and that came back clear but HPV +. So I had to go back again in 6 months again for a colposcopy, they said they could see some mild changes and that I may need another lletz. The smear results came back high grade changes, so I am booked in again for a lletz on New Years Eve. I am so worried, how can it come back in 6 months I thought it was supposed to take years??? I am a healthy person that has never smoked, how the hell do I get rid of this poxy HPV? Is the next step hysterectomy? OMG I am such a mess, my mum has terminal cancer and I need to focus on her but all this is making me feel worse. Sorry for the long post, I feel I can’t talk at home because of my children x

Hi Kerry, sorry to hear what you are going through. I am in a similar situation and also worry about the recurrence in a short time. I don't really have any answers but wanted to let you know you are not alone. At my next app I too will be looking for some answers about what's next as i think they don't share enough information with us patients. Take care x