Recurrent CIN

Hi all

I havent been on here for a while, but this forum was so much help for me in the midst of many abnormal smears! The postive stories always gave me some hope, so just wanted to check back in.

Ive had multiple abnormal smears over the last 3 years which resulted in 2 LLETZ treatments. There always seems to be such little info out there for CIN coming back, all the literature concentrates so much on the high % of people who are (thankfully) cured after one treatment.

Its been 1 and a half years since my last LLETZ and my second check up smear has just come back normal and HPV negative. I just wanted to put some postive news out there, as I never thought I would be able to clear the pesky HPV!

Good luck for everyone going through anything similar and stay strong.

Also, for anyone waiting for smear results - mine took nearly 4 weeks to come back so try not to panic, even though the nurse and my surgery were adament they were sticking to the NHS 14 day guidelines

Cat x

Hi Cat,

Just wanted to say how pleased I am for you that everything seems to be sorted out for you now. What a relief for you - and I wish you all the best for the future :-)

Take care,

Emily x


Hi all!

I have been diagnosed with moderate (high grade ) dyskaryosis in may. After olposcopy (without biopsy) nurse said there is small area consistent with  cin 2. How can she confirm that without biopsy? Mistry.  So she booked me for lletz under LA in june. I postpone it as I was confused and not sure this is necessary. i have seen 2 private gyn and they both said its quite strange to say which grade of cin is present without biopsy. Anyway, I booked for lletz , which supposed to take place few days ago. I started fainting soon anesthetic was injected (very strange as I did not feel injection itself at all) So the procedure couldnt be carried out. i have consultation with head colposcopist coming in august to discuss if it is safe for me to watch and wait as I cant imagine myself going through this hell again..

I read lot of your posts and caming to the conclusion that this treatment isnt that safe and effective. Even after procedure you cant have peace of mind becouse you cant be sure that you are automaticly free of hpv. Seems like procedure getting rid of abnormal cells but not getting rid of what causing it. Thats why over time its coming back again. And how many lletz procedure one woman can have? I think 2, after 3th one there will be no cervix letf !  I know in many cases lletz is necesarry and it does safe lifes but I feel every patient should be treated individually. There are many other factors which need to be present to make cervical abnormalities to develop to cancer. Hpv itslf, even high risk hpv is not enough to cause cancer.

At first momment when I wasnt well and my procedure coudnt be carried out I felt dissapointed in myself and I regret. But more I think about it, more I read about it I think maybe I should not regret, maybe it is how it supposed to be. My cervix wasnt touch , is still in one nice piece ( one gyn describe that  my cervix looks  as "example in books" ) Abnormalities which was small in may are still in same place, I feel I have time for myself to try alternative ways to get rid of hpv at first and revers my dysplasia.

Wish you all good health xxx


Twilight thank you for your post. I know how difficult you have had it over the past few years. I can see from your signature that your latest results were CIN1, hopefully they will remain as that and you fight the damn thing off!


Puki whilst I respect your opinion, and yes everyone should be treated as an individual, LLETZ is a proven VERY effective treatment which does save lives. On these forums you are bound to hear more of the unusual stories, a high majority of people are cured after one treatment, have negative smears and are HPV negative and have no need to come back on here and post! I am very healthy, eat very well and exercise but that alone for me wasnt enough to get rid of HPV originally. LLETZ treatment gives the body a chance to fight off the infection and for many many people it works


C x 

Hi Cat :) thanks for checking back, i think alot of people don't necessarily focus on posting the positive stuff so it's really nice to see that there is a light at the end of the tunnell! I'm so glad for you that everything came back negative you must be thrilled! xxx