Recovering from LLETZ 2 weeks later

hi everyone,
I had my LLETZ treatment on 29.07.2021, I didn’t feel anything painful during the treatment, just uncomfortable. I’m actually really unhappy with the way my LLETZ treatment was handled in the fact I was given very little information.

Anyway, after my LLETZ treatment, I had some extremely light bleeding immediately after and then discharge for the next few days with what looked like crumbs each time I used the bathroom.
4 days after treatment, I started bleeding (I was due on too). The bleeding lasted for 2 days and then back to discharge and then light bleeding on and off since.
Today, I’ve woken up and I’m bleeding a lot. As I sat in the bathroom, I felt something solid pass and I’m still bleeding.

It’s been 2 and a half weeks, is this normal to start bleeding like this?
Also, do I need to wait for results in 4 weeks for clear margins or wait for my next smear test in 6 months?

thanks in advance, Parm x

Hello! Sorry your find yourself worried and confused. My LEEP procedure affected my period and caused me to pass clots (I could hear them falling into the toilet and it scared the crap out of me!) and bleed heavily. I had to go to the hospital for the amount of blood and how worried it made me, but I do know a lot of women report bleeding around the 2 week mark and that’s normal as long as it is the consistency of a period.

As far as clear margins, my doctor was able to give me those results by phone as soon as the biopsies came back in. It took about 1.5 weeks for me to hear about that but I know wait times are different in various areas! I do think, however, you would surely find out before you test of cure :slight_smile:

Hi ladies, I was just wondering how things worked out for you, after passing the larger blood clots? I passed a large one this morning, which is day 12, and am unsure what to do, and of course it’s a Saturday morning, so the clinic are closed - my body has always had impeccable timing!

Uh, I hate talking about this stuff! It’s so very tmi, but then that’s why this site is so valuable! The vlot was about the size of a Brazil nut, but my bleeding is still at the level of a heavy period like it has been for the last couple of days. If it was just the bleeding, I’d not be worrying, but nothing in the info I was given said anything about large clots. If you did seek medical advice, did they seem to think larger clots were a worry? Do I need to go to urgent care, or curl up on the sofa with a huge bar of chocolate and a boxset?

Hi! Are you currently on your period or is this just part of your recovery?

This is not intended as medical advice, just my personal experience. I know clots the size of a Brazil but are super common for most women even when they are on their monthly cycle. It was never something I personally experienced that I recall, but looking back I guess I could have a time or two and simply thought nothing of it before LEEP.

My clots that sent me to the emergency room were much larger than a Brazil nut. They were more like golf balls, maybe even larger- alongside a bleed so heavy I couldn’t stand for very long without gushing blood. I was on my usual monthly period (3 days after LEEP was done) when it happened and It was terrifying for me :confused: after seeing my gyno when it happened he said the procedure had caused a shock in my body/period as I had never had anything done in that area before (no prior procedures there, no children yet, etc…) so he put me back on birth control temporarily to get my body back in order and it worked fantastic. I actually just had my first “period” from the pill and everything is normal for me- I was TERRIFIED to have another period as I am a health anxiety sufferer already.

What you describe sounds normal to me, obviously if it starts getting much heavier and larger clots that you feel may be not right, you could always take yourself in to be checked just to be sure! And I agree, it is SO WEIRD to be talking about these things on the internet lol but I’m so very thankful for this forum, it has helped me so much!

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Oh my goodness, I’m not surprised you ended up at ER, that sounds really scary! Thank you so much for replying, and of course I very much understand that it’s not medical advice :purple_heart:

I have a contraceptive implant fitted and don’t have a monthly period, and actually until the constant bleeding that sent me for the colposcopy in the first place I’d not needed more than a lightweight panty liner in a decade! My periods did used to be really heavy when I still had them, making me anaemic and needing iron tablets etc, but I’ve never had clots like this before, so I’m really relieved to hear that it’s actually a fairly common thing to have during a period. Since the bleeding itself is still fairly manageable, I think I’m going to just deal with it at home over the weekend, unless I get a major increase in the bleeding, but I may still phone the clinic on Monday, as I need to ask when to expect my results anyway.

Thanks again for your response! I’m off to break out the Dairy Milk and steal the TV :rofl:

You are so welcome! If the symptoms you have are manageable at home it’s my experience it’s normal and part of recovery! I was on BC for many years and have been off for 4 or 5 years, I’ve never had heavy periods in my life so seeing that much blood was absolutely insane to me! I must admit, being back on the pill with no cramps and only needing a liner is making me want to stay on them as my husband and I are not ready for kids yet! I had light periods before but I totally forgot how much lighter they are on contraceptives.

Also, I’m in the US and have never heard of dairy milk but I’m assuming it’s something sweet lol! I hope you feel better and continue to heal well so you can put this whole ordeal behind you and move on with life :heart:

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