Heavy bleeding 3 weeks post lletz


I had my lletz on the 1st of august. Two days after the procedure I had my period, and then I stopped bleeding for a few days and on day 9 it started up again, bright red fresh blood. This bleeding has been continuous, sometimes I don’t have any blood in my pad and I think oh good it’s stopped and then I go to the toilet and I’m passing massive clots.

I’m not soaking through a pad every hour and there’s no smell or pain, so according to the NHS site I’m fine but bleeding heavily this far in just doesn’t feel right. I would have thought it would have mellowed out to a brown discharge or at least not passing clots by now. Is this normal? Xx

I had similar experience after my LLETZ. I had around a week of heavy bleading, maybe eased about 1/2 days then another few days of heavy bleading, then again a pause for few days then another few days of heavy bleading. It was hard to know really what was going on and what was period and what was not. I then after all that had patches of spotting which was concerning but any advice Iv had has been it takes time to heal, you can be out of sync for a while etc
Some of my bleeding was fresh bright red blood also and had clots at times.
Id say it seems normal based on my experience but I also felt concerned at times and questioned if it was normal as I was seeing people who had little bleeding, or went back to work next day etc but always remember everyone’s experience is slightly different and if you had a larger area removed it naturally takes time to heal.
I did however begin to have a variety of symptoms around 6/7 weeks after LLETZ such as generally feeling so rubbish and lethargic, pelvic/lower back pain, swelling, tender abdomen I ignored for 2/3 weeks thinking it would resolve but didn’t, I went to GP and she said she thought infection and gave me antibiotics wasn’t until I took those and felt better I realised how unwell I had felt.
Don’t know if above helps at all but try not to worry and give yourself time to heal and periods to get back into sync etc
Take care and hope your feeling better soon x

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