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Hi there, looking to see if anyone has had any same experiences. I had stage 1b ancer and had a radical hysterectomy via abdominal back in june. Have had fairly a good recovery until a month n half ago. I have been doing trail walks with some hills in them roughle 13 thousand steps and have been fiine. Signed myself up to the kiltwalk and after doing more concreate walkin of 5 miles per walk boom i took severe sciatica on the side i had me epidural which was my left. Inwas all set for the hospital and the pain disappeared minutes when put my nike pro leggings on. The pain hasnt came back but it had left me with a constact dull ache at the bottom of my back, i get a weird tight pulling pain in my groin which sometimes goes down onto my upper thigh. Also on the outer leg when walking theres a pressin sensation as if its pressure or a feeling something is blocked. On my tummy are groin theres a slight tenderness when press it and also i cant sleep on this side as it aslo feel am gonna tear a muscle. I have had no major problems until this, have seen lymphedema nurse, have had blood clot checks all clear and today i had my 6 months check up which physically he gave me the all clear there was no signs the cancer was back and isnputtingbit down to over doing the exercise and nerve pain. If it continues they will send me for a scan but with no physcial lumps n bumps a scan isnt worth doing they said. Does anyone else suffer from the same symptoms that can advise me how to over come this? I am waiting on a referral from a muscular skelotious physio if thats how you spell it and waiting on tight support leggings from prescription. Any advise would be a massive help thank u

Hiya, so sorry to read this :cry: shame you have faced this when you have been doing so well. I wonder if you were maybe walking differently posture wise post op without realising it and its caused issues and pain after doing a lot more exercise. How have you been taking it easier? Maybe judge how you are after a few weeks of deceased exercise and if its still not sorted push for the physio. Ive been finding my whole body has changed post op and ive got a lot more niggles and issues than ive ever had! Im assuming its just going to take a lot longer to heal inside than we think. I hope things start to feel a bit more normal eventually xx

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Hi @Janey13
I’m 6 months post op now. My recovery has taken longer than I expected. Some weeks I feel great, then another week my stomach swells and I can get lower back ache. I think it’s as I’m building up my exercise again. I have slight lymphoedema in my ankle that can be worse some days and make my whole leg tight and foot sore and then it goes down other days. I only got my bladder sensation back 4 months after the op and have pins and needles in my lower stomach and thighs! I’m starting to try and figure out what helps or makes things worse!
Back ache seems to come after jumping around in gym classes and my lymphoedema is worse after driving!
I had some reassurance when I saw a physio as she was able to find where my pains were coming from in my groin and it was muscular.
Sorry I don’t have much advice but it’s good you have a physio appt coming up. Perhaps start to track how you are feeling after certain activities. I hope you get to the bottom of it soon and feel betterx

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Thanks for tpur comments, i have booked in with a private physio for a few weeks time as i havent a clue to when i will get seen to with my self referral. I know not sure if the road walking was coincidence or its been that so i havent really been doing much. Been 2 small walks and i felt my groun tight and pulling, will try another one but off the road to see if its the concrete. I am going to try toga tomorrow night, not sure about you but i really didnt think i would feel all these niggles etc so far along recovery maybe i was niave to think my body and fitness could go back to near it was before op. Not that i was fit as i wasnt lol i just really enjoyed lots of walking, do u take any vitamins or anything to help with any wee niggles? Xx

Thank you so much for replying and so sorry you are having some issues also. Glad you have now your bladder senation back, i didnt have pins n needles in my thighs but i did have a numb feeling sensation on my left thigh which came back. So hang in there hopefully yours sorts itself out. Reading both your comments and sleepingangel i think i may have been too full on with the road walking and not giving my body time to recover inbetween the walks. Was just so determined this year to put this all behind me and take control of my own health and fitness. I have made an appointment with a private phsio for a few weeks time until my referal has come throu from nhs so i have some answers and work on it. It sure does take alot longer to heal internally doesnt it xx