Back ache and leg pain

Hello ladies and merry Christmas.

I’ve started to get bad back pain, started lower back and has no moved up to flank and shoulder blade. Past 3 days started to get shooting pains up and down leg. Been to drs today and he said he can’t be sure what it’s related to but had issues me with pain killers and see how I get on over next couple weeks. I suppose I’m just after some reassurance from other ladies who may have had similar after effects. Never ending multi headed beast that it is cancer! I was always healthy before this so it’s all new and scary isn’t it when you don’t know your own body anymore.



Seasons greetings.

Yes the 'new norm', or maybe it should be the 'ever changing norm', is an unsettling and foreign land.  I can't say that I've had exactly the pains you are describing, but I was wondering whether some regular and gentle/moderate exercise would help?  I had severe musculo-skeletal back pain, soon after my treatment, and my GP referred for physiotherapy which was very helpful.  Also, the things I've learnt in yoga and pilates have helped me manage my various aches/pains/discomfort. I  walk whenever possible and use stairs rather than lifts and escalators.  I still have a problem with lower back pain, since my treatment, and I find a warm bath and self massage (as well as the exercises) help with that.  I don't take much time out for exercises, but try and fit them into my life - anything from one minute to maybe 15 minutes as and when.  If you ever spot a strange woman doing a straight backed squat to see what's on the bottom shelf in a supermarket, it might be me easing my back!  Sorry if I'm preaching to the converted, but thought the exercise thing worth a  mention.












Hi. I have back pain occasionally and when one bout lasted 3 weeks I contacted the hospital. By the time I had my MRI, I think the pain had gone. Nothing except for some wear and tear showed up. I've had flank pain and had that checked out - nothing showed up and they thought it could be gastric related.

My rule of thumb with any new symptoms is if it's not cleared up within 3 weeks, I get it checked out.

You've had a lot of treatment which is possibly still having an effect on your body so you will get some new aches and pains - hopefully,  things will settle down. Could the shooting pains be sciatica? 

There will probably always be something popping its head to worry you unfortunately but hopefully,  in time, you will deal with things without panic, as you probably did pre diagnosis. 

I was told though, that if I had any problems that I felt may be cancer related, I should contact my specialist team rather than the GP xxx