Back and hip ache - advice please

Hi guys I’ve finished my treatment and I suffered with a bad back occasionally prior to all the drama but now I’m getting back ache on a daily basis and it’s knocking me sick. I’ve also started to get slight hip pain and pain in my pubic bone.

I’ve had one of my 30mg morphine tablets for a diffrent pain but it doesn’t seem to of done anything to my back. The pain comes on randomly when I’m in bed, lying on the sofa, stood up etc.

Has anyone got any tips on how to deal with it?

Arrgh just wrote a massive post and it deleted it!!!!!

Anyway,just to say I would get a referal to the pain clinic,because

it maybe that you need a different type of pain killer.Morphine based

pain killers don't work in the long term and have really bad side effects

and are very addictive.I am now codeine free and feel alot more myself.

I now take gabapentin,which has helped me although I still have

more bad days than good.I was told my body has been through alot

and this is the new me!!! PANTS!!

I find a hot bath,reflexology and no stress helps me get by.

Hope you get some answers and the pain goes.

Take care

Becky x

Hi Carmel,

Have you seen or spoken to your Consultant/oncologist about this pain?

i had some hip and back pain after treatment but when I saw the oncologist and explained exactly what it felt like and showed her where the pain would radiate from she was confident it was nothing sinister.

Get it checked. There are tests scans out there to check your bone density etc...

Big hugs,



Hi ladies I haven't seen anyone since I've finished my treatment so haven't mentioned it again I did once but it was ignored. Hot baths help slightly but not a lot I find baths really uncomfortable atm as I have lost a lot of weight and my back bone sticks out so it's uncomfortable lying on a hard surface.

I'm not really worried about the pain as I know my body if you know what I mean it's just really getting me down and driving me up the wall! I have to push a trolly when I go shopping even though I want one thing as I have to lean over it to stop the pain coming on its that bad....

I've got a review next week so I will add it to the list

Thanks for your advice 

Hi Carmel,

Your description is sounding very like sciatica caused by a slipped/ruptured/prolapsed disc. It might be worth a chat with your GP?

Be lucky :-)