Back pain


im now about 9 was post treatment, and for the last 3 weeks+ I've had really bad lower back pain.

has anyone experienced this, is it normal post treatment? My oncologist hasn't called me back in over two weeks even though I leave messages etc and I'm starting to worry as I thought back pain was a symptom of still having cancer. 



Hi Nic. 

It could be something completely unrelated to cancer or it's treatment but it's always best to get things like that checked out. Is there a nurse at your cancer centre you can speak to, to voice your worries to? If not maybe try going via your GP they could always contact your hospital for you, maybe they will get a response from them. 

Alice xx

Hi Nic,

Sorry to hear you are having symptoms that are worrying you. Do you have a number for your clinical nurse specialist? Or you could ring the cancer centre where you had your treatment and ask them for your oncologist's secretary's number. I have had such a speedy response from my oncologist but through their secretary. I know it's really hard not to worry (our new normal) but post treatment pain can pop up in many areas. I had such excruciating stomach pain they brought me in for an abdominal X-ray to rule out an obstruction. It turned out to be trapped gas pain. Good luck with getting it sorted. 

X Maria

Thanks for the replies guys, I have phoned and spoke with my cancer nurse who has emailed her twice and still nothing. I have her secretaries number so will try her tomorrow. 
The pain also radiating to where I assume my ovaries are. 


I am a year post treatment and suffer with back pain on and off. I feel it every day but some are worse than others. I also have hip and groin pain. I was really worried at my last check up and scan as I was convinced something was wrong. Thankfully my scan was clear! But they aren't sure why I have pain. They believe it's radio related. 


Hi Nic

I'm going through very similar. I have lower back pain but also a pain on the right side of my pelvis where I imagine my ovary to be. I've got myself in a right mess. I'm a year post radical hysterectomy, no other treatment needed.

I know it's probably nothing but I cant think about anything else as it's never been constant like it has been the last 3/4 days.

I rang the nurse and she called me back within an hour, my consultant is away until 16th July but she advised me to see my gp in the first instance and if they are worried to call her back and she will book me an appointment with another consultant asap. In the meantime she has booked an appointment for me to see my consultant when she is back on 16th.

I hate the waiting and worrying, drives you crazy, I dont know how you've gone 3 weeks+. Have you heard anything back yet?