Hello I have been reading posts for months now and finally am writing. I am wondering if anyone has had lower back pain and discharge(watery no smell). I had 25 external radiation treatments 5 chemo and 4 internal back in may/June. I have a constant pinch on my right side butt/hip area that's been nagging for about a month and stiff hips. The pain seems to be mostly at night and usually am good with an Advil during the day. I am 33 and feel like an old lady. Baths and cold compresses also sooth.I had my first follow up ct yesterday and MRI today I won't know anything until Monday and I am so scared. My oncologist is extremely positive and my radiologist is the complete opposite. Has anyone had these symptoms? I hope to be able to sleep over the weekend☺️

Hello Meicha -There's always a worry with the treatments - so many side effects.  I think it may be a side effect of the radio.  I've  had hip pain now for about 2 months and I finished all treatment way back in July 2013! I have other side effects but the hip pain is new and it moved from my left hip to my right so my GP thinks its muscular.      It worries me too as the painkillers don't seem to take the edge off it. It's constantly there & hurts like hell with every step.  I've had xrays done but no results yet and the Oncologist has referred me for a more detailed bone density scan.  It does keep me awake at night too, it seems to just have a little heart beat of it's own, throbbing away.  Lets hope for good scan results.

Hope you get a good nights sleep!


hi, iv had exactly the same symptoms. Pain in hips feel really stiff like an old woman? Im sure its the radiotherapy as i never had those pains before? Its probably a side effect of the treament as radiotherapy does cause pain in that area 



Thanks for the replies ladies. Have either of you had back pain as well mine sticks to the right side very low.

Hi Meicha, I've not had radiation but had to have a radical hysterectomy for CC stage 1B, I'm about a year on from my sugery, & I still get the achey back pain, especially right side, low. My GP & consultant can't understand it as everything appears ok, I'm still convinced some damage happened inside as I bled so profusely they had to close me up quicker than they would have liked!!! Oh sounds so bad when I explain it!!! All the best fr your results x