Hi Ladies, I haven't posted for a while so hoping everyone is doing okay. I'm just waiting for the results from my PET/CT and MRI 3 month scans. It's been a week now since my MRI and just over a week since my CT. Feeling a little anxious with the waiting. Fingers crossed all is okay, i'm keeping positive however, I'm still experiencing incredibly stiff back, buttocks, hips and legs. It's confusing because it's the same stiffness I had before diagnosis at the beginning of year. I can't sleep because of bad back and pressure on my hips. Have any of you lovely ladies experienced this? I'd love a full nights sleep!!!! Hugs to everyone.

Nicky xox


Colposcooy 19th January 2014

Cancer of the whomb diagnosed 29th Jan 2014

MRI scan changed diagnosis to cervical cancer

PET/CT shows lymph node involvement

Internal examination under GA confirms stage llb

28 external radiotherapy

5 cisplatin chemotherapy

3 brachytherapy

Treatment finished May 6th

PET/CT 11th August

MRI 13th August

Hi Nicky

Keeping everything crossed for you xx

I suffered with really painful hips after the radiotherapy and brachy.  When I spoke to the surgeon he told me it was normal after the treatment and to take anti inflammatory tablets and to gently increase walking.   To start with I thought the walking was making them worse but I persevered and now they are ok.   I also started taking cod liver oil, dont know if it helped or if it was just a coincidence,  but it doesnt do any harm 

When you speak to the dr about the scan results make sure you ask...... they should be able to advise you

Good luck with the results xx

Hi Nicky,

I had and still have pains.I am going tomorrow to get to the

bottom of it.I am interested to see that you have had a pet scan.

I was told I couldn't have one so I will ask again.

I hope all your treatment has worked and you start to feel better

ASAP.I know the time after treatment is really hard,but I am reasured

it, like lots of things takes time.

Like Tracey say's I am sure they will give you some help with meds etc.

All the best

Becky x

Hi Tracy, hi Becky,

I feel better now knowing that these pains could be expected. Thanks for replying to my post. It's really hard to know what pain relates to what because I also have fibromyalgia! I have noticed Tracy the more I walk or stand, the more painful my hips become. I love walking but it gets difficult. I think I'll take a leaf out your book and persevere with it to get more exercise and hope it gets better.lol, had a go at gentle yoga and put my back out! I'll definitely mention it my doctor when I get in touch. Lol getting up from sitting makes me look and feel about 80! I'm getting twinges of pain all over.

Yes Becky, find out why they haven't given you PET/CT. 

Big hugs ladies. :-) xx

Hi Nicky,

I've also had my 3 month mri and get the results Friday!! And in the last few weeks have had really bad pains in my back/hips/pelvic area. I go on quite a few forums (Facebook - teal ladies/cervical cancer support) and this is very common! Some days I have trouble walking but I am able to go out for a short bike ride which helps. You're right about trying to sleep at night, I love my sleep but I'm waking 3-6 times a night. I'm on slow-release morphine and liquid morphine when I need it, along with paracetamol but still doesn't get rid of the pain.

Keep us posted! :)

Mandy x


Nicky..., with the walking I found small walks and often was the best way.  Like you it seemed to make it worse to start with but gradually the stiffness and pain lessened and I found the longer I sat the stiffer I became. ...... Almost like going to the gym and not streching afterwards.   Im guessing the damage caused by the treatment needs time to heal walking helps with the flexibility, as well as helping your circulation,   now im concentrating on my knees....., they are improving but the thigh muscles are taking a bit longer. 

I now always walk if the weather us dry !  Im lucky, work is a mile from home albeit up hill, but has helped a lot....,


Good luck

OMG! I wake up between 3 and six times through the night aswell. It takes me ages to nod off again, and when I do I'm probably wide awake again within an hour. I'd like one those knee supports I'm sure we all used during our radiotherapy. I think it would take a lot of pressure off my back and ease the pain. Cushions don't help....neither do rolled up socks! Lol I've tried everything.

Mandy, have you got your results today? I hope all was good. I'll keep you posted.

Big hugs.

Nicky xx

Hi Nicky,

You can buy them on line.Not very expensive. X


Really?! Thanks for that Rebecca...would love one! Is there a particular website or just good old EBay? X


Nicky x

Beautyexpress.com or ebay.

Enjoy X  ;-)