Back pain

Hello lovelies

I'm now 2 months post-treatment (intensive chemo radiotherapy with 2 sessions of brachytherapy) and have agonising back pain when I walk or stand still for a long time. 
My specialist nurse has tried to reassure me that it's normal muscular pain because I haven't used them during treatment and need to build my core strength up. But of course the worry is there...

Did anyone else suffer with this and have some advice? Or should I push to speak to my consultant (incidentally still awaiting my post treatment review as my consultant retired unexpectedly and my new consultant hasn't come through yet). 

Thank you!



Hi LS17,

I'm not sure where you are from, but does your trust do 3 month or 6 month post treatment scans. I know I had 3 month post treatment scans both PET CT, and MRI which was very reassuring. Also, were you given any information about how treatment went at your pre brachy scans? If you are not due any scans until 6 months post treatment I think I would push to speak to your consultant, you know your own body better than anyone (although it's a bit more difficult after al the treatment we've had). Just to add, I never had a problem with back pain either before or after my treatment. You are such a short time out of treatment and it would still be actively working at the moment. I hope you get some reassurance soon. 

X Maria

Thanks for the reply Maria. I'm due a colposcopy 12 weeks post treatment but I'm going to push for a scan too as it seems crazy not to have one. 

I was reassured before brachy that my tumour has shrunk considerably and during an internal examination my cervix was looking almost back to normal. But the worry alway remains doesn't it?! 
Especially when lymph nodes are involved  

I'll push to speak to my consultant this week I think, it can't hurt to make them aware and get their advice. 

Thank you! xx

Yes, if you don't have scans coming up soon you should try to arrange a chat with your consultant. When I needed to chat to my consultant about a possible blockage, I phoned the treatment centre and asked for my consultant's secretary's number. They were happy to give it to me. I contacted the secretary on a Monday and received a call from my oncologist on the Tuesday. Within two hours, I had an x-ray and then waited in my car (covid regulations) and promptly received a call from my consultant with the results. Good luck with it!




I have suffered with a bad back since 3 months post treatment. I was told all sorts and my pains haven't got better. So my suggestion is to persist with a scan to reassure you. My scans were always stable but they have found an issue for the pain and they believe it's to do with lymph node still being active. So I now have to have further treatment. Pelvic radiation causes back pain, lots of women get it in and off. But always push for a scan for reassurance is my advice! 



I had terrible lower back pain after my chemo-radio, albeit it didn't help that I'd also had an RH not long beforehand.  I went to my GP about it and she correctly diagnosed the problem as musculo-skeletal and referred me for physio.  It took about 5 months of committing to the physio exercises before I  had reasonably pain free movement again.  Mind you, more than 3.5 years on from treatment I still wake up, several times a night (mostly due to bladder issues), with a stiff aching lower back which I sort out with some of the physio exercises I was taught.  However, I agree that you should push for a check up with the consultant/scan to rule out any serious causes for the pain.


Thank you everyone! 
I've rung for my consultant and left a message with my specialist nurse too. 
The pain only seems to be when I walk or stand still for a prolonged period so I'm hoping it's musculo-skeletal. But of course the the worry that it's the cancer takes over all rational thinking doesn't it?! 
Even if it's 'only' musculoskeletal-skeletal I think I'm going to need physio as gentle exercise isn't improving the situation. 
It really is great to get others perspectives and I really appreciate you taking the time to help me