First post treatment Scan

Hi all

so I finished treatment 15 weeks ago. I have my first post treatment scan this Thursday, was supposed to be wk 12 but was delayed due to hospital backlogs. 

for the last 8 wks I've had chronic lower back pain and griping stomach pains, so I've convinced myself I'm going to be told my cancers treatment hasn't worked and it's spread everywhere.

I know this is irrational to automatically think this way and "be more positive" (been told that a thousand times by people who have never had cancer). I think between the pain and the scanxiety, I'm going out my mind.

My oncologist called me back after 5 wks of trying to get in touch with her, and did an exam but said she can't see much because I have so much scar tissue, but I do look seem very tender and shouldn't be this sore so far after treatment so that's added to my worry. 

Not sure why I'm writing as I know the only thing I can do is wait, but any experience of severe back pain post chemo rads would be appreciated, especially to know how long this pain will go on? 


Hey lovely, 

I didn't want to read and run. I haven't really suffered at all physically since treatment ended but there are a couple of ladies on here that have had really bad pain and had clear scans, so easier said than done but try not to worry. 
I really hope someone with better experience comes along soon, try searching for a user called Locket, she has had quite severe pain since treatment and her last scan was clear.

all the best for Thursday, much love,

emma xx 

Those symptoms are fairly typical of post radiation so try not to worry too much. Lots of healing to do yet and the mind plays tricks too!

Of course, only the results can really put your mind at rest. Do keep us posted!

Karen x