Post treatment check up concerns

Hi all,

Hope you are all doing well in this crazy world of post treatment we all find ourselves in.

Yesterday I had one of my regular 3 month check ups,  and have come away more than a little concerned !  

My original diagnosis was 24 Dec 2013, and stage 2b.   I then had radio, chemo, brachy, and finally surgery in June 2014.   I had an MRI 3 months ago that showed no cancer, but pelvic fractures hence why I had back ppain.   So yesterday I explained that I still had pain,  in particular on my left side and near my belly button, and the consultant (not my usual one) has ordered me a ct scan to check "glands".  Now im petrified that its back...... crazy because the pain is in the same areas as before and nothing showed on the mri, but I have this nagging sinking feeling we all seem to suffer from at times, that wont go away.   

Anyone else had pains in these areas ?



Hi Tracey,

I also had pain just like you - in the area where I would feel some pain before I started treatment - and was told it was scar tissue and was also told that my body had gone through so much it was normal to have such niggling pains. 

The pain was disconcerting at times as it was always in the same spot lower left side and I could even feel it when moving in bed. i had this for a good 2 years on and off. I also had lower back pain and found out I have a worn disc.

My oncologist was never too concerned and she would examine me and say everything looks and feel fine but if you want to go for a scan we can arrange this for you. 

I was told Pilates is really good but I personally went back to swimming as the cushion the water provides was really beneficial for my aches and pains.

A scan can will put your mind at rest but if you had a clear MRI 3 months ago I think you should not worry yourself. The consultant, not being your usual,one, probably is dotting the Is and crossing the Ts.

Keep us posted.


Big hugs,



Hi Naz,

Thanks for your reply, and so good to read that similar pains turn out to be something nit so bad.  The pains really are disconcerting,  and im sure that since yesterday I have been quite tense which is not helping !  

Like you it does seem to move when I lie down ...... which really had me worried me.

I will keep everything crossed, and let you kknow the results

Thanks again



Sounds very similar to what I used to experience and I still get a few niggles From time to time.

i presume you also had an internal examination as well as the MRI and all was well.

Try not to worry too much, my aches and pains were very real but nothing sinister I am pleased to say and no reason for it to be any different for you.

stay strong,


Hi Tracey :-)

Sorry you are having to go through the stress again.Hopefully

your MRI will put your mind at rest.

Just a thought,you say you had pelvic fractures,thats one of the outcomes of treatment,

also there are other reasons for pain apart from the recurrence of cancer

which I wasn't made aware of prior to treatment because it is a very small

percentage of women that are diagnosed.

I have had pain of varying degrees since my treatment finished.

I have had internals,MRI's and extra appt to put my mind at rest.The pain

got worse.

All the scans came back with no changes until the last one which came

back with fibriotic scar tissue.

Although my consultant has been less than helpful with the pain issue(its not cancer my job is done!!)

I asked,the GP if I could be refered to the pain clinic,there I was diagnosed with

Radiotherapy induced Lumbar sacral plexopathy.Basically the nerves from my spine through

my pelvis have been damaged and won't repair.I am now on large amounts of Gabapentin.

Still in pain but not as bad :(((

Feels along  time since 2013 when we were first on here together ;-)

I really hope it turns out to be nothing and you feel better soon.

Keep us posted how you get on

Love Becky xx


Hi Becky,

2013 seems a worls away ..... so much has happened and so many things have changed. 

Im sorry to read about the pain you are in,  it sounds severe.   

I had an mri 3 months ago and my usual consultant looked at the scans and they showed the fractures but nothing else of any concern.  The consultant I saw this time wants to have a ct done to check nodes / glands.  Im hoping it's all related to scar tissue because when she did the internal exam she commented on the amount of scar tissue she could see and feel.  

Thanks again for the reply and i hope you are able to find a way to reduce your pain.

TTake care

Hi all,

I had the ct scan on 4th Dec and called the CNS today to see if there were any results,  and she told me my scan would be discussed on 23rd.  This has me really worried now ..... on one hand im thinking if there was any sign of reoccurrence this would of been flagged by now and discussed at this weeks meeting as 19 days seems a long time, but on the other hand im freaking out that the scan will be discussed at the meeting !

Its the first ct I've had in this clinic and not with my consultant.   

Is this the normal process,  or am I right to be worrying ?

Any thoughts ?

Becky .... I hope you are doing ok x