Issues? Normal?

Hi all!

It's been a while since I posted, think last was around Feb this year and had been experiencing back pain since returning to work... Several tests later and still no reason as to why this is happening, back pain has been debilitating and now on a slow release morphine!!  Consultant initially thought stress fractures from all the chemo-radiotherapy and brachytherapy however nothing conclusive has shown. My iron and platelets are all concerningly low and I was also given a bone marrow aspiration and biopsy - still awaiting results of that, and now have a bone scan scheduled for next week. 

I've been told it could be a new cancer (within my blood) a return of my original cancer (cervical) or that my body is taking longer to recover from the cancer/treatment I received and that my bone marrow may just be impacted?  I feel like I have been left with 2/3 options cancerous and no follow on support during this time.. .   Trying not to Google and hope that I have just tried to get back to normal far too soon since treatment (which ended in August 2016) and have maybe not given myself the full tlc I needed. 

Just wondered if anyone else initially felt a high/good time following treatment followed by a boom/knock on effect of issues or side effects?  

I've had some swelling in my legs (which they initially suspected dvt but later ruled it was just a result of all the treatment!)  this has also cause slight swelling in my genital area too....Anyone else had this?? 


I feel I'm slowly falling back into a black hole again and despite trying to stay positive, I just really need ti know what's going on with my body! 

I'm pushing for answers with all my strength, but I felt I needed to vent.... Don't want to burden family with all my what ifs....






Stage 2b, 7cm tumour on cervix with 3 lymph node involvement (all in pelvis) 

Diagnosed March 2016 after birth of daughter 

Chemo-radiotherapy and brachytherapy completed with remission in October 2016 

Complications with back pain and off bloods since Feb 2017 still under investigation 



im so sorry you have had such a hard prolonged journey through this. It can be so very difficult to navigate without getting totally lost especially when there is no map to follow. 

Im sending you positive vibes and hoping that you can get some answers soon. In the meantime have you concidered som acupuncture or massage to help relieve some of the pain. Speak to your dr about trying a few sessions in the hypobaric chamber  it can reverse some of the side effects from radiation. It would t hurt to try!! 

Stay strong and when you are not just lean on us.  

Big hugs.