Back pain and bleeding

A few weeks ago I posted about having terrible back pain and cramping only 5 wks after my treatment finished, it was worse than ever last night and have woke up this morning and I've been bleeding again. The pain is radiating all through my back, groin, legs and right down to my ankles.

Im devastated. I haven't had the results from my scans yet but I already know, can feel it in myself that this isn't going to be good news. 

I'm honestly not sure how much more of this I can actually deal with. I beginning to think I should just let nature takes its course now, I can't deal with this pain any more and I don't think I could take another round of chemo or radio. 

Im meant to be getting married next year and I just don't think I'm going to be around that long. 


I'm so sorry you're having symptoms that are making you feel this way. I'm sure that's a very scary feeling so soon out of treatment. I can't speak from experience of your symptoms but I did have three solid months of chronic stomach pains and bleeding from the back passage. I had convinced myself of all sorts but my scans have just come back as clear apart from some bowel inflammation. There could be other reasons for your symptoms! Can you get your GP/oncologist to urgently refer you to a gynaecologist? I know you have very negative feelings at the moment but if this is the worst case scenario and it's back, there are options out there. There are many ladies on this site who have had recurrence and are still here years later to tell the tale. You really are much stronger that you think. Sorry I can't be of more help. Sending you massive hugs, we are here for you whatever the outcome. 

x Maria

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Hi Maria, thank you for responding. I've phoned my oncology nurse and she said she is going to chase my scan and see what she can find out. My oncologist dr is on annual leave, so don't know when she is going to be back to speak to her.

Just can't believe this is all starting again so soon after treatment. I've literally had 3 weeks out of 16 feeling normal, and between the bleeding and pain, I'm just exhausted now.

Im glad you're feeling back to normal and had a clear scan, hopefully I'll heard back from mine today or at least before I loose the plot entirely, already feel like I'm going out of my mind.

My oncology nurse has just called and confirmed my treatment didn't work. I'm devastated. I just knew something wasn't right. I've been booked in for a PET scan on Monday to see how bad it is and if there's anything else they can do. 

Ahw sweetheart I am so sorry. But, it is really very soon to say treatment didn't work. From what I understand is, radiotreatment keeps on working for a few months after finishing treatment and also, there is no way of knowing for sure that the tissue they see on mri is actual live tumor tissue or dead tumor still breaking down.


Please don't give up hope yet, there are options ❤❤

Nic I'm so sorry. I was really hoping to hear that it was just one of the many side effects of treatment. Are you taking iron tablets/B vitamins because of the bleeding? Get your body ready to fight. I really hope that the scans show that the cancer is contained. There are still many things they can try. When you find out what you are dealing with, it might be a good idea to also join the ladies in the advanced forum for advice and support. Here anytime you need to chat on here or private message. 

Xx Maria

Hi Nic,

What treatment did you have before? As Izzy has said radiotherapy keeps on working for several months. If you haven't yet had radiotherapy then that will be an option for you.

Do come and join us in the advanced section which is a much smaller group and lots of knowledge about further treatments.

The PET will be to see if the tumour has spread outside the pelvis. If it hasn't then there are surgical options for you with curative intent. So no more of this giving up talk! There's a whole array of possibilities.

Karen x 


Also, I find it quite disturbing this nurse told you that your treatment didn't work without your doctor beeing present, and without even a biopsy.  Please join  the advanced section as those girls can really calm you down and help you 

As I've had chemo and radiation before and going by my mri she said we were "passed just a hysterectomy" and that we were looking at a possible exenteration now.
Although my dr wasn't in, she spoke with the registrar that was from the same team as my dr and that's why she was able to give me the results. She was reluctant to say too much, which is what is making think it's worse than what she's already said. She told me the registrar and the radiology report said it was persistent disease with evidence of only a little change after chemorads. 
The pain I'm in now started 5wks after my treatment finished, and I didn't get a call back for another 5 wks and when I did finally get a call back I was told my Mri was going to be wk 15 after treatment finished and that they couldn't tell me much till after that. 
think I'm just devastated  because I knew at wk 5 something wasn't right and I just kept getting the same snash about it just being the after effects of radiation. I know my body and when I was fine for 3 wks after 2 wks of nausea, then suddenly struck with this back pain I knew it wasn't right. 
I'm just so tired of it all now. 

Gosh I am so sorry, wish I could give you a big cuddle. I hope you will get some of your fighting spirit back. I'll be cheering you on virtually 

Hi please stay strong and positive. My story is similar to yours whereby I had chemo/rad for 2b (2015). Post treatment scans showed some change but not what was hoped. Roll forward to 4-5 months post treatment and scans not conclusive. Start talking hysterectomy- called to see new surgical consultant and changes to full exenteration. Had another eua - decision changed backed to hysterectomy as damage from radiation not as bad as feared. Date booked and final scans booked pre surgery date.  After final scans received and digested, conclusion was no surgery required- what had been seen was mixture of inflammation and microscopic cells (which must have been removed when going through eua / biopsy).

When I met the consultant again she said in hindsight they'd reacted too quickly. The treatment does continue to work for many months and my cancer was slow to respond- but it did!

I hope you get some answers soon.

Thanks MME, can I ask, did u have any bleeding or back pain during that time between finishing treatment and getting that all clear? I have light spotting that's progressively getting worse, same with my back pain. 

Hello, sorry i feel very stupid to come on here as i only have symtoms but my mind running away with its self, i have been having constant bleeding for 6 months with bad cramps and back pain. The doctors are trying to put it off to contraceptions even tho ive had my contraception longer than a year anyway there are refusing to give me a smear test but cervical cancer runs in my family and just reading the support on this website is amazing and just woundered if anyone could give me any advice im 20 thank you.

My advice will also be you know your body better than anyone. If they point blank refuse to give u a smear, I'd pay for it and go private. It's worth the money even if it's just for your own price of mind to stop you worrying. 
I'm  sure it will be what they said it will be, but better to be safe than sorry x

How are you doing Nic, have you been touch with your gyneacologist yet?