Back pain

hi ladies was just wondering if anyone suffered with lower back pain after treatment had finished? Seems to come on me over the last few days sometimes it aches more when I'm lying down or sitting. Every little twinge is a panic isn't it and I don't want to be running the drs every 5 minutes! So any replies would be welcomed. Thanks take care 

dominique xx

Hi Dominique

I have back ache and was told its from the treatment.It helps to keep moving.

20min moving 20mins sitting,it has just recently started to get better but still

take the pain killers.Takes a long time to get better honey X

Thanks Becky for the reply does seem to ease when am more active xx

I've been suffering from back ache for last few months. The trouble with back ache is that it is so common in general, really common after treatment but also one of the key symptoms of reoccurence. I have found that for anything that I am remotely 'cancer worried' about I talk or email my CNS instead of going to GP. She has far more knowledge of me and CC than my Gp. If it's worrying you , which it must be to have you post in here drop her a line. Xxx

Ooh yes, my back has has been killing me since I had the lletz. I'm taking more painkillers for that than for any other pain. I am LOVING my electric blanket, really helps.

molly xxx