Leg pain

Hi there, I am fairly new to the forum and am posting for my Mum who has advanced cc stage 4b.

Mum finished her chemo back in February, it just didn’t agree with her. She had great results and had no symptoms until September, which was treated with radiotherapy, finishing end of October. She now however has developed horrendous leg pain. It started a week ago and now is unbearable. She has been given codeine today by the doctor.

Does anyone have experience of this? I am fairly convinced that this is a sign of tumour regrowth, but would love it if someone could give a different view…?? It’s worse at night, initially she could walk it off but now it’s constant.

Please help. I’m so frightened.

Hi Kate,

I'm sorry that I cannot be of very much help here but you might find it very useful to apply to join the 'Living with Advanced Cervical Cancer' forum. That is a private 'members only' forum set aside especially for women like your mum.

Be lucky :-)

Thank you for your reply, I am only allowed to view and not post in the advanced forum. 

Mum has been admitted after a terrible few days so hopefully she'll get some relief soon xx

Hi I have advanced cancer.

I get aches and pains all over and I have finished all my treatment too, I get a lot of pain in my hips and sometimes it goes into my legs but it's barable for me. I don't know if it's because I have a high pain threshold or if it's because I'm younger (I'm 28).

Sometimes it can be something like a trapped nerve or syatica  (spelt wrong) which is a simular thing and causes intense pain - I've had it before. I think if the tumor had grown the pain would be more in her lower abdomen? As this is where I had all my pain and in my back before I got diagnosed - I was in agony I was taking 20+ pain killers a day, when diagnosed I was given morphine tablets and liquid morphine for my pain.

Ask the hospital for morphine for her pain - trust me it works! It makes you groggy and spaced until your body gets used to it - no other pain killers worked on me.

I hope your mum is ok and the cause of the pain is found - make sure you ask about the morphine though it will make things a lot more comfortable for her x

Also on the advanced forum you don't get a response - any questions I don't mind you inboxing me and if I can help I will x

I would also get a lot of cramp in my legs which is obviously painful - I drank more water as my body was dehydrated - possibly something she could try? Apparently eating bananas also helps with this.

Sorry if this is of no use x

Carmel thank you so much for your response. Mum is still struggling but she is now on the morphine which seems to be doing the job. It does make her a bit loopy but in my opinion it's better than being in agony?? What a choice to have to make. She has her 3 month ct on Friday so I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that it is 'just' sciatica and not anything else. 

Thank you again. I'm finding this journey incredibly difficult, and me and Mum don't talk about things as I don't want her to worry about me. You are all so brave.