Aches and pains following RH & Chemorads

Hi ladies
Just wanted to get something off my chest and i dont like to discuss it too much with family, as I don’t want them to know how worried i am, or cause them to worry about me anymore than they already are.
Had radical hysterectomy 29.8.21 followed by chemoradiation for 5 weeks. 25 radio 5 cisplatin.
Recovery wasn’t too bad apart from an infection in my wound which was a set back and v painful, scarring in that area is really bad and still v sensitive. Long story short ive been back in work since March, first scan follow up was clear so told NED, amazing! Got back walking which felt great.
Thought I had got away lightly with side effects and felt really well generally apart from some aches and pains, no major bladder or bowel issues
For the last 3 weeks I’ve had a lot more pain in lower abdomen and lower back, pain in right side groin area ( I had lymph nodes removed as the big C was found in some on my right side) , bloating, and fatigue more than before. Had 2nd follow up last week she examined me said all felt normal, gave me antibiotics as bloods showed CRP high, also sent swab off. Swab came back normal. I’m having MRI today and CT tomorrow so theyve been very quick getting me seen, which is good but Im also scared silly thinking allsorts, awful dreams so not slept well (aside from the heat ha)i have a follow up telephone call this Friday with consultant and i just keep thinking they’re going to ring me to say i have to go for face to face appointment, and take someone with me. I also felt really sick this morning when I woke up, and my groin and lower back very painful, so im just really thinking the worst. I was wondering if anyone else had had any of these symptoms and been ok when checked out ? Xx

Hello there. I can partly reassure you in that i had similar pains after the same treatment and position many years ago and the MRI revealed sonething to do with fluid drying up in one of the hip sockets and this proved self resolving. My cervical cancer has never returned after 25 years.

More negatively, those symptoms are red flags but it sounds like your investigations are appropriate. Hopefully, the results will put you at ease and you can put this fright behind you.

In addition, in the unlikely event the cancer has come back this does not mean a death sentence. There are curable options available so stay positive.

Good luck,

Karen x

Thank you for taking the time to reply. I reqlly appreciate it. Im trying to stay positive but have had a couple of breakdowns and just feel on the verge of tears constantly. Ive had both the CT & MRI now and spoke to CNS this morning, told her i was feeling sick and groin was even more painful so she said she would soeak with consultant and hopefully i can be discussed at MDT Thursday. Im meant to hqve phonecall appointment Friday so its just a waiting game now ( again ) to see whats what x

I understand. I am going through a period of anxiety and panic attacks which started about six weeks ago. I have therapies in place and am already showing signs of improvement and feeling more positive.

Have you any mental health supports in place? It makes a massive difference.

Thursday isnt too long to wait so hopefully your mind will soon be soothed.

Karen x

Oh no thats awful, but its good that the therapies are beginning to help and im glad youre starting to feel better.
The CNS called me today and i am definitely on the list to be discussed at MDT tomorrow so i should find out friday whats going on. Just praying it wont be anything serious x

I wish you the very best of luck today! Please update afterwards and if it’s good news I will raise a glass!

Thank you.
The CNS didnt call me, i rang her and left a message as been anxious all day. im just waiting to hear from the consultant tomorrow now
Ill keep you posted

How frustrating! I hope ot goes well today x

The hospital rang me today and they said the MRI & CT were clear!!! They think the pains were caused by infection and they arent concerned ! Want to see me again in 4 months . I am beyond happy i am SO relieved i felt like doing a jig after the phonecall. Im just going for a back massage and facial now and can fully relax and enjoy it !
Thanks for taking the time to reply and your advice it really helped talking to someone who had been there xx

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Absolutely fantastic news!! Have the most wonderful weekend and life…

Take care,

Karen x