Pain just started - 4 months post treatment


About a week ago my lower abdomen and lower back started hurting like period cramps. I’m really scared there’s some sort of reoccurance. I’ve got the doctor in a few days time but wondered if anyone on here had the same type of thing? I finished all treatment on June 30th. I’ve had niggles here and there, but this is very similar to the pain I had right in the first place when I first went to the doctor… Anyone??

Hello, i didn't want to read and run. I have no idea but from what I read in here the treatment you had works for a while after?

You had a check up in sept? how did that go? 

Sorry I'm not much help Hunni, but chin up!! Xxx 

Rooting for you Abby!

Fingers crossed it's 'just one of those things'

Be luckly :-)


do try to stay positive and not panic. I know every ache and niggle makes your mind think it's back but it could be something else. I hope everything will be ok. Sending you good vibes. 


Hello Abby I hope this is not a recurrence. What I want to say is that even if it is a recurrence it is not the end. Many have been successfully treated by the chemo cocktail including myself. Good luck with it Jayne

Just want to wish you good luck for your next appointment. X

I had back and pelvic pain a few weeks ago but I think it was ibs  x always get it checked though if you're worried  x 


Thank you everyone! The doctor said radiation makes muscles a bit 'rough' so it could be the friction of them sudeenly. Also, I didn't use a dilator and had sex so that could knock things around a bit too. However, he has brought my January scans forward to 19th and 20th December just to make sure. He said that if these come back clear, then no scans for a year. :-) Yes, the question mark will be in my head until after the scan results, but I do feel good within myself and very positive all is well. I'm a mother of 4 so don't have any more time to give up for cancer. :-)  Again, thanks for your support everyone. xx