Recent confirmation of severe dyskaryosis

I had a colposcopy in October last year (I had a mix of CIN 1, 2 and 3. I then had the LLETZ procedure last December.
My recent smear test shows I have severe dyskaryosis and need to see the consultant at the hospital. Has anyone else had the same experience? What was the outcome?
Does anyone know at what point would a hysterectomy be an option?

Hey lovely. I think it all depends on your previous treatments and your age. I have had two lletz now and the consultant was, talking about hysterectomy next time if needed (I am 45 for context and I don’t think there’s much cervix left). I think there are different options though and will depend on what’s best for you and how you feel. It’s so awful thinking about it when there seem to be so many variables isn’t it? I think we just have to try to take it step by step and trust the process. Sending you lots of good vibes, you certaibly aren’t alone with it. X

Hey KatieT. Thanks for replying, it certainly helps to know what other people have gone through and to have a better idea what kind of questions to ask.
I was reading up on “how many LLETZ procedures can someone have” and also have an understanding of cone biopsies, hysterectomys etc.
I’m 37 and don’t have kids. I don’t see myself having any also. But I don’t know how much that’s taken into consideration :confused:

I received a text message last week about my appointment, which was scheduled this week. I’m on holiday, so had to get my partner, who’s at home to contact the hospital to let them know I couldn’t attend. So I just want to know my new appointment as soon as possible. It’s horrible having to wait.

Hope you’re keeping well and don’t need any further treatment x

I think if you explain your situation they will take it all into consideration. I am waiting fir my test if clear smear in Oct when I will no more. There weren’t clear margins in my last LLETZ so it all seems up in the air currently. Good luck to you to when you get your appointment and try to shelve it and enjoy your break till then. I know it’s easy to say but anxiety and worrying won’t change any of the outcomes, we need to try to be in the here and now as much as possible x

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