Post LLETZ treatment


First post here. I've had a good look around the forums and have found it most useful so far.

I had LLETZ treatment on Wednesday last week and am just waiting for the results to come back.

Just wanted to know, the doctor that carried out the LLETZ asked about us wanting anymore children (we have a 7 yr old.)

 I said we haven't discussed it yet and he suggested we talked about it asap. I had severe high grade dyskaryosis and went for a colposcopy appt 2 weeks after my smear. At my appt, he literally took one look and said I need the

Treatment asap. He did the LLETZ and said he'd let me know the results when they come in. Tad bit worried as not sure what to expect. Just to top it off, I've now an infection. (story of my life)

Any advice/reassurance would be appreciated!

Hello :). I'm glad you've found Jo's. I remember being exactly where you are now and getting really worked up over what they did and didn't say, the looks, everything. It's impossible not to look in to it. But try not to worry. If there's one thing I've learned, it's that there's no point in worrying about what you don't know. They seem to ask alot of people this question. I'm obviously not an expert but it's my understanding that if for arguments sake they hadn't managed to get all the abnormal cells with the lletz, they might need to do more of the same. If you still want children they'll be very careful about how much they remove in order to prevent any problems during future pregnancies. If you don't want any more children they can be a bit more liberal with the amount they remove. When I was struggling I spoke to my gp over the phone who was able to explain things I didn't understand, I also saw her in person for the same reason. The colposcopy clinic were also happy to have a chat with me over the phone. You might find this helps a bit if you're concerned :). Good luck with your results I hope you don't have to wait too long. Xxx

Hi Jojo84

Thanks for the kind response. It's much appreciated.

I just hate the waiting part. Bit of an impatient person :) 

Spoke to the colposcopy clinic today about the infection and they said I should expect the results from the LLETZ around Friday. They checked today but too early. They're quite proactive there which is really good.

I like to think all will befine, but I just have that niggling thought going around. Like you said, no point worrying about what I don't know. I'll just have to keep my mind occupied on other things until I hear from them.

Thank you xxx



I had exactly the same as you...normal smear...followed by  Severe dyskaryosis  and then Colposcopy/Lletz at the same time (which i have to say was nowhere near as bad as i'd imagined it would be!) but the wait was awful....I imagined that I was going to hear the worst and couldn't concentrate on anything very much.  I only got my 'normal' result when i called the Colposcopy clinic to ask when they were going to put my coil back in! I still haven't received the actual letter though.

Fingers crossed that all will have good news.! Try not to worrry.


Hi JennyO 

Happy to hear all is back to normal for you :)  Always nice to hear good news!

I'm just keeping my mind occupied with lots of tv. Stuck at home with an infection at the mo which isn't very pleasant.  On antibiotics though so should be right as rain in a few days.

I'm expecting to have my results by Friday approximately. I'll update my post as I know people like to hear how everyone gets on. There's usually somebody who has had a similar experience, be it good or bad so it's nice to chat with others of similar experiences.

Best  wishes xxx  





How are you feeling now? Did you get yr results? All ok? Take care x


No, didn't get my results today, although my doctor did receive the results from my swab with regards to the infection I have following LLETZ.

She's just given me a different type of antibiotic so I suppose it should now start to clear up. I did wonder why it wasn't shifting!

I'm taking the "no news is good news approach" as it was really starting to stress me out thinking of the what-ifs. Shouldn't be much longer now I assume.

Thank you for asking.xx

Hiya...fingers crossed all will be good news...i agree..keep positive...I was worrying myself stupod. 

Let us know how you get on.

Jenny x