Recent colposcopy... confused


I have just signed up to post this as everything I tried googling brought me here anyway!

I am confused as last month I was told the results from my smear test were clear and was refered for a colposcopy where the Dr decided to take a biopsy.

But if my smear was clear why would I need to have a biopsy? Just stressing me out a little and cannot find answers online... Thanks for reading.


Hi Ashleigh,

A smear test is not the most accurate test in the world and it can easily miss bits. The bit that's interesting in your situation is why were you called for a colposcopy? My guess would be that the person taking the smear test sample spotted something while they were doing it and wanted to have you checked out. The person doing the colposcopy must have spotted the same thing and that's why you have had a biopsy. But it would have been so much nicer for you if they had explained this to you and treated you like a person with a head on their shoulders instead of just a gynaecological patient from the waist down.

Be lucky


I know, sometimes it feels like I am the least important person, it's not like its my body or anything!

Every time I wish I had asked questions but when they throw these big scary words around, it's hard to think of anything else!

Thank you for taking the time to reply, I shouldn't complain really as they have been super fast with it all considering I am only 21, guess it's just a waiting game now! 

I know exactly what you mean about asking questions in the face of complex information. Some doctors are better than others at this, as no doubt you will find out. Sometimes it helps to take somebody with you to ask questions on your behalf when you are reeling from new and surprising information. A lot of doctors take the easy route and don't explain anything until questions are asked, others are a little more pro-active.

Good luck with the wait, I hope it isn't agonisingly long.

Be lucky