At my colposcopy

 I'm new to all this and frankly I'm scared and confused.

2 weeks ago I went to get a coil fitted and the doctor  saw something they didn't like and sent me for a referral to the hospital. 

Last week I had my appointment and the doctor I saw also didn't like what they had seen and managed to get me a colposcopy within an hour.

when I had it done the doctor/ consultant took 3 bits and sent for biopsy he said to me that he had been doing his job for a long time and then explained something to me but I can't remember really as i wa stunned, but the bit I got was that he was sure I would need a full hysterectomy. how does he know from doing what he did that day?

i have my MRI scan on Wednesday and then I have to go to see a consultant the day I get back off holiday in 10 days time.

i'm quite scared and confused how does he know before we get the results??

i have never had a smear test and really feel very foolish right now.

anyone been in this situation?

Oh Chezza that's such a bombshell to drop on you all of a sudden like that.

It's understandable that you were in shock and didn't take in what you were being told, but you need to get some clear answers, maybe give them a call just to clarify?

Sometimes they can see the cells without a microscope (like when you had your coil fitted) and it sounds like the colposcopy confirmed that the cells they saw needed to be removed.

In most cases I've read on here, they can often tell that something isn't as it should be before the MRI, but the MRI gives them a full internal picture so they se exactly what the issue is.

How old are you if you don't mind me asking?

I think it is better for them to send you for the MRI while you are waiting for the biopsy results instead of waiting weeks for those and then maybe weeks after that for the scan. It means they want to get it resolved quickly, especially with you going on holiday.



I am feeling very foolish 36 yr old with a 17yr old. I am not wanting any more children so I can accept losing things if I need to its just that I don't understand how he knows already. Is it that obvious that there is a serious problem cos I'm sure they don't slil things like that for fun or to scare people?

You shouldn't feel foolish, the thing is lots of us miss smear tests even though we know we shouldn't, there's not enough awareness out there about why we need to go for them. Us women let life get in the way and often spend so much time looking after others that we forget to look after ourselves.

So many women on here ignored or misread symptoms or missed smears, and if we can encourage just one other woman to go on time then at least something good will come of our misfortune.

I can't imagine what you must be thinking but I'm really glad you found this site as it has been a great support to me.

Hopefully someone with a similar experience will read your message soon and be able to offer you more support than I can.


Well I have got my MRI scann this afternoon and I'm bricking it. Never been so scared in my whole life.

i take it that I won't find out anything today. 

I go on holiday on Monday for 8 days and I'm concerned I'm gunna drives myself crazy with worry whilst i am away n not relax. I had been doing well beineh quite strong about it all but I am starting to have blips n tears n my dreams are crazy when I do actually sleep. Hope this gets easier or that I here something before I go away.

Hi Chezza,

Good luck today lovely. I hope it all goes well. Everyone on here will be sending you positive thoughts I am sure.

I didn't have an MRI but I did have an ultrasound and they told me there and then what they had seen. The sonographer said that they are looking for patterns and that its like a jigsaw puzzle and then they send all the info to the doctor to piece together. I thought that was quite a good analogy. She told me that she thought I had polycystic ovaries but she couldn't see anything unusual. I was in a complete state with tears running down my cheeks so I thinks she new that I needed to be told something.

I hope you get some answers today. I have everything crossed for you xxxx

Hope your MRI went well. They didn't tell me anything at the MRI, it was on a Friday, and I had to wait til they had the MDT meeting on the Wednesday before I could know the results, and I only got them then because I pestered my nurse to ring me when they'd finished the MDT. And even then she only told me the bare minimum xx

The scan was fine I was calm n the hour I was in it passed I quite quickly. I didn't get told anything, guess its just time to try waist at calm n positive whilst I wait For the results which I'll get 2 weeks today as I go on holiday at weekend and not back until the 9th October. Would rather not be going away with this on my mind but there's no way that its gunna be me the one who cancels it.


Hi, only just read your post as not been on this week.

i was told I had early stage cancer and needed a hysterectomy at my first consultant meeting after colposcopy/LLETZ and then had an MRI a week later. The MRI is to confirm what they have found out already and just to check exactly how far it has spread. When I saw my consultant after MRI he said that it had confirmed what they had already noted that I was stage 1b1. I wished I had questioned more as to how they know this but I do know it has something to do with the margins around the edge of the piece they cut out.

i was told that my hysterectomy had been put int the diary even before I knew anything and was confirmed with me a few hours after the MRI when I met my consultant/surgeon for the first time. It seems everything had all been sorted and discussed before I was even aware. Surreal but good that everything happens for the best without us having to know every detail. Everything will be being sorted for you whilst you are on holiday. You will NNOT be forgotten, everything that needs to happen will happen and you just have to wait I'm afraid. Such bad luck you couldn't have the MRI results back and a date in the diary before you go on hols. Once I had this sorted, the following 2 weeks were much more bearable and I was able to get my head sorted a bit. I would ring them if I was you to see what else you can find out in order to have a more restful holiday.

good luck

xxx don