new. confused after colposcopy

Hi, Ive posted on here once before and found it helpful. Just feeling a bit sorry for myself this week..

My smear came back abnormal in feb, borderline with high risk hpv. I'd gone to gp several times since Jan with thigh and pelvic pain, periods all over the place etc.

Long story short had colposcopy 14th may. After talking to friends that have had similar, i was expecting dr to just have a look and maybe treat. She seemed to have problem actually getting to my cervix(?!) but once she did i watched on the screen. Putting on the chemicals etc i felt fine, then she said she wanted to take some pictures (told her not my best side,eek lol). Then i heard her tell the nurse she wanted to take a biopsy, she took 3 from different areas, i thought she was finished and she said she wanted to get one more from one particular area, and one more pic. I wasnt expecting all of that. After she said it looks mild but wouldnt know until results. One particular area was very painful when she took biopsy

What has confused me is her actions didnt match her words, if that makes sense, i was watching the nurse and it was like she was watching the doctors face, very odd i thought. As ive had symptoms for a while and am on the wrong side of 30 to (still?) have hpv i'm a little concerned.

Why take so many biopsies and pics if just mild, what not leave alone and or treat then and there..?

Ive had heavy bleeding and pain since, felt okay at the time but past 3 days have not been good, probably shouldntve gone back to work so may be my fault for over doing. I have the tranexamic acid from gp because of irregular and heavy bleeding generally,but everytime i take it it makes me feel dizzy etc.

Im hoping won't have to wait to long for results.. just all a bit confusing.

Best wishes to everyone with whatever they're dealing with, this site is amazingSmile

Hi im new on this site, i got my examination at the colposcopy clinic on friday, there was the doctor, her assistant and a student who was looking at the screen

The doctor took ages to find my cervix, eventually she got it, she asked her assistant to go and get another nurse to come in to help her take biopsies of my cervix.

I have suffered from orrosion for 20 years, so i was bleeding, she said she saw something on my cervix, but i never once got to look at the screen so i couldnt see what was going on

Once she had finished i got dressed then sat down at ther desk were she drew me a picture of my cervix and explained that i had orrosion, and that there was something on my cervix, she said it might be a polop or tumour. she asked if i knew what a polop was i said that my gran had them on her bowel when she was alive so yes i did.  She said she had seen something like what she saw before it looks like a tumour, i said ok.  This is where i got freeked out a bit she then said "i dont want you to leave here thinking everything is ok because it isnt", i said ok, i started to think was there something on the screen she wasnt telling me, i would have thought a doctor would wait for the results before scareing u half to death.


She has taken my number and told me she will be in touch in the next 2 weeks,   its going to be a long 2 weeks