Worried newbie with questions

Hi everyone.

I am new to this but have a few questions regarding my colposcopy.....

Following my smear I was sent a letter saying abnormal cells were found and i needed an urgent referral for colposcopy.

Had my colp on Tuesday which I found very painful (especially the biopsy under local).

My consultant has not said anything apart from the fact that the nurse noticed something during my smear and my results had come back abnormal.

He did not say anything about the liquid test, whether anything showed up. Can I assume it did which is why I needed a biopsy? Also he said that he needed to go higher up which is where the biopsy was taken from.

I  was also taken a bit aback after being told the biopsy could lead to early labour and late miscarriage (I'm not pregnant currently and have no children).

Did anybody else have a colp and biopsy done without being told anything?

I did ask what he discovered and he said to wait for the results as he didnt want to guess.

Sorry if this is really trivial - I know some of you are going through an awful lot - I just dont really know what to expect or why I have ended up here!

Being told nothing is making me more anxious. Could I be panicking over nothing and everything could come back clear?

Hello sweetheart,

Sorry you are having a scary time with no information, it's no fun is it. I know nothing at all about a liquid test so cannot help you there. If the biopsy is taken from higher up that suggests they are looking for CGIN which is abnormalities in the glandular, or non-squamous cells. These are a bit more difficult to spot and represent approximately 20% of cases (I think). I think your doctor is very sensible to wait for the biopsy results to come back instead of just taking a guess. And yes, it's true that removing a chunk of your cervix will make it less able to hold a baby inside you for the full nine months of a pregnancy but as and when you become pregnant, they can put a stitch in to help it. But it's far more sensible to make sure that you are fit and well first before worrying about a potential future pregnancy.

Be lucky


Thanks Tivoli :)

Some of what you have said rings bells from my first consultant meeting (everything was a bit of a blur at the time)!

Have a great day!