worried and panicking

hi everyone, i was wondering if anybody could please help me..... i went to the doctors about bleeding and pain to the point where i can not even sleep with my partner anymore and the after pain is just to bad. doctor asked if she could take alook an as i was due for a smear too also do that, well she said she can see something on my cervix and has referred  me urgently to see an oncilogist and for a colposcopy.

I had my doctors appointment on wednesday and recieved a letter on saturday to say my referal had been recieved and i will have an appointment in next 7days. Can anyone tell me please what all this means as my doctor didnt really explain just told me not to worry and wait for appointment, is it normal for appointment to come this quick what will they so? im panicing so much. x sorry for the long post x


Try not to worry. Colposcopy is like a smear where they can see more closely and take a biopsy that's normal. I don't know why they would refer you straight to an oncologist xxxx good luck we all here to help private message me if you need extra support xxxxx good luck lovely xxxxx

Thankyou for your reply xx I finely got some sleep and feel abit more clear headed today. I’m going to writing myself some questions and take them to my appointment with me just so I understand what’s happening. Xxx

That is the perfect way xxx also there is a number on This website who are always able to help you with xxxx best of luck lovely xxxxx

Hi, I had a call at 11am from hospital saying I have appointment on Thursday. I was in shock they rang an had appointment for me so quick that I couldn't even think to ask any questions ( she did say letter is in post) so I defiantly think me writing questions down will be the best idea. I was wondering if my smear results would be bk or do you think it would be to soon?? Sorry again for the long post, hows are things with you xx