Received my results!

Hi ladies,

Hoping my post will help.

I’ve had symptoms for years and three years ago I had my aecond smear which was normal buy i did have a cervical etropian. I didn’t have anything done to sort it out, I was pregnant 6 weeks later.
I had worse symptoms from April this year, bleeding, pain in belly and back, BV and had swans, pelvic ultrasound and had to wait till the end of October for when my smear was due (why they they didn’t send me for anything earlier, I don’t know). My smear came back as severe dyskaryosis to which I had a melt down as all my symptoms were pointing towards cc. I had a colposcopy and lletz done a week and a half later, the 17th, she told me she couldn’t see any nasties and noted down she feels it’s moderate. I have been so tense waiting for the results, I called them up 4 days later asking for results, crazy I know as it unlikely they hadn’t done anything as yet! The reception said she would note down to the secretary to have them call me when they are getting results sent out. Monday I had a call from the hospital and went into meltdown thinking they were calling me to tell me bad news but luckily she read the note telling her to call me when she was posting out results. She told me she can’t discuss results but I have nothing to worry about! The relief was unreal! Yesterday o received a letter saying I did have Cin3 cells removed and there was no other abnormalities and I will need to have another smear in 6 months at my GP! Praise the Lord I’m okay. X

thats fanastic news, my story is exactly the same as yours and i was so scared. Im am having my follow up smear next week, its come round so quickly. But i feel less scared this time about the results and the GP/Hospital were briliiant the first time round! x

Thank you, I'm so relieved this horrible month has passed and I'm okay. 

All the best with your next smear and everything is perfect. X