Waiting for colposcopy results...terrified!

Hiya, im new here,  had my colposcopy on the 23rd December and they did the loop treatment and she said how it looked bad but not the worst so ive been bricking it over Christmas,  I go from teary to fine a lot and they said results will take longer as it's Christmas,   the abnormalities found at the smear were apparently severe too, I keep thinking the worst and googling stuff it's awful!


I had the iud injection earlier this year and since that my periods havr been all over the place and lasted weeks and I put the bleeding purely down to that but now I'm scared maybe it wasn't that after all that made me bleed and maybe something Really is wrong!

I'm 27 and have two small boys, I've been pregnant 4 times in Total and never had a smear before, so scared as heard how pregnancies can encourage cells to get worse faster too..


Just felt I needed to share here as not wanted to talk to many people I know about it



Hi Natasha, I can totally understand your worries, I hope they don't keep you waiting long. But chances are the loop treatment got everything, I think very few need further treatment after that. I know its horrible just waiting with it constantly on your day, every day seems so long, but it will pass. You will get that letter in the door soon and hopefully everything dodgy has been removed xxx

Hi Natasha

I know exactly how you feel. I am trying to be totally logical about it (I read that 95% of the time it is completely successful in removing the bad cells without need for further treatment) but of course your mind wanders. I have had several colds and been feeling run down for a while and keep thinking every twinge is a symptom and it will come back really bad news. My logical brain (and my very sweet husband) is telling me to keep calm but its easier said than done! I only had LLETZ on Friday so a long wait for the results. In a very strange way, the longer the wait, the better.

Anyway, you are not alone. Its a very testing time, and the constant leaking is a lovely reminder!

I am trying to throw myself in to positive things and trying not to be sat on my own too much:

Very best of luck with your results. Statistics say we should both be fine! Do come back and post when you hear




Hi Natasha

I feel exactly the same, I can't concentrate on anything for too long before my mind wanders back to the tests and the wait for the results.  Do you have an 'other-half' you can talk to? I've been speaking to my boyfriend about it a lot, I know he's not comfortable with it but he's doing a really great job at listening,  - he doesn't say much.  But it helps so much to just to say things out loud rather than keeping them inside.


Hope you're recovering well xxx

Hi ladies, 


Thank you so much for your responses, it's good to hear from people in the same boat instead of people who know nothing about how I'm feeling and keep going" yeah you will be fine don't worry at all  why are you so hung up on it" 

My husband has been great and actually was the one who found this site and told me about the forums,  it's just rubbish atm, im self employed too and really not been feeling like working and not working means less income which is a nuisance too! 


I had horrid watery stuff for a bit followed by a horrid period and hate not being able to use tampons! Just been feeling Yuk and so anxious! 


Yeah I read the loop treatment gets 95% but when the doctor mentioned that bit she didn't fix on that fact and jist said how it looked bad...way to get me excited for Christmas or what!


Boys havr been a good distraction and always up for cuddles :)  the last two weeks havr been the longest ever!!  Praying the letter or phone call comes soon whatever the outcome ( hopefully a positive one)

Sorry for bad type-o on phone and it's making typing as hard as possible it seems! Hope results all come back ok all too! Let me know! Xx 


I was told I had quite an 'extensive area' which worried me somewhat. Although I was reassured that they were happy to go ahead and treat there and then rather than doing a biopsy and calling me back. 

In my scale of dreaded outcomes, being treated there and then was my best case scenario, and my worst that they would see something huge and obvious. So I got what I wanted, but I still can't help myself stressing!

I just feel that I have spent the last 6 weeks stressing since I had my smear, and have up to another 6 more worrying about results. Don't get me wrong, if I have to wait 6 weeks for the all clear I would so gladly do it, just wish it would not take so long as I am sure the stress and worry must do terrible things to you too.

I keep looking through other people's posts to see if there is a common theme for it coming back as CC, but this evil beast is as random and cruel as you like.

It just makes you feel so powerless. 


Hello all,


Just an update,  the woman who did my colposcopy called today and said it's not cancer but looks to be pre cancerous cin3, apparently the doctor is going to look into it to find out more... Something to do with due to the amount they took...couldnt understand all she said as she had a thick accent and reception in Costa where I was was pretty bad, going to call in the morning to learn more I think,


Glad it's not cancer yet but nervous still when she started talking about pre cancerous and doctors looking into it more....


Hope you are all ok, xxx 

Hi Natasha

That is great news! Focus on the CIN3 bit and not the rest, I wonder if as you said it was a large area that your margins may not have been as clear as they would like, and they may want to call you back in later for another LLETZ or closer monitoring. But I am just speculating, which is kind of my hobby these days! 

She would not have said its not cancerous if she didn't know that for a fact. Get a good sleep tonight, looks like you are off the hook, bar possibly a bit more monitoring/ treatment.

Hope you get some proper reassurance tomorrow



Sorry I have not replied to this - been hit with every cold and flu bug going i think as i was so exhausted with work and the scary waiting for results!


According to the letter from doc i just need to go back in 6 months to see if HPV is present etc (same as you Suzysooz) so fingers crossed! I was to be relieved but i still fear its not over -still bleeding from that plus my period and my body doesnt know if im coming or going at the moment but im feeling a bit more positive as time goes on so hopefully :)


This is such an amazing group of amazing ladies - I cannot shout it around enough these days to tell people to have their smears and get checked out too!


Lots of love to all - hope you are all ok! xx

Great news Natasha :-)

So pleased to hear you have been discharged too.

I am still bleeding a little bit (just a panty liner kind of thing) 3 weeks on. I have dodged my P by running my 4th pack of pills together as can't face more bleeding at the mo. Think it is going to be a time of worrying about little firsts for a while, first period, first exercise, first sex (though not necessarily in that order!) think it might all just take a little time. Although we are very fortunate we have had our fair share of stress and worry which won't disappear overnight