CIN 3 :( Advice needed x

Hi all, have been looking at the site for a few days now for some guidance and answers.

So I had my first smear 10.10.17, my results came back a few days later stating they had found high grade (severe) dyskaryosis.

This came as a massive shock as I was expecting to just get a letter after 2 weeks, instead I received a phone call a few days after my smear telling me I had been put in for an urgent referral following my smear.

Please dont judge as I am already kicking myself I didn't have my smear at 25 (im now 28)

Ive had many problems and put it down to not healing properly from my babies (7, 4 & 1 year old) im now realising it is quite possibly all connected.

I have had painful intercourse causing small bleeds for about 3.5 years now and for the past 8 months have been having gushing periods every other week and for god knows how long have suffered with severe tiredness :( I pushed it all to the side and thought nothing of it. I have been on the contraceptive pill (obviously apart from pregnancy and TTC) for 12 years now.

With my symptoms I am naturally assuming the worst as they are all red markers for the big C.

I guess im looking for any ladies with the exact same symptoms and smear results that have turned out to be fine? 

I have colposcopy appt on 23.10.17 but due to personal issues with being touched *down there* (not even my poor husband is allowed hands down there) I am already worked up about the whole procedure so have already requested general anaesthetic for everything to be carried out which is to be discussed during the consultation on monday.

So has anyone had the same symptoms that have turned out to be ok? If any ladies have had the same and did have CC I welcome your stories too.

Thank you so much if you got this far into the post, sorry its long winded, my head is such a mess right now, im a pessamist which doesnt help :(


Me.... I had loads of symptoms and additional symptoms due to my pcos and endometriosis... Mine is a happy ending... Try to stay positive xxx