Reassurance please :(

Hi everyone,

I was meant to have my smear test tomorrow but I have managed to get it moved to this afternoon 4pm.

I am terrified …not of the procedure but of the results…I was an idiot and let my fear control me …I haven’t had a smear since 2014…I’m 36yrs old.

I spoke to my doctor yesterday and she confirmed again that the pill I am on would be the cause of my irregular periods and that it was not a red flag at all…that even though I had missed my smear it didn’t mean that I would definitely be diagnosed with cc.

She stated that red flags would be severe pelvic/abdominal pain, back pain, extreme heavy bleeding etc of which I don’t have.

Although I am aware that it’s probably at the lower risk of anything like advanced cancer I am worried that it’s early stage or that I need to do further tests for abnormal cells….I’m scared of it all.

I can only hope that the nurse gives me a little reassurance when looking in there today but even that I know doesn’t mean all will be well.

I’m just soo scared but just want to get it over and done with now :frowning:

Hi Ems,

Don’t panic, I had all of those red flags and got diagnosed with cancer, if you don’t have any the chances are that you are doing fine. Let us know how it goes xxx

Hi @SamG

So sorry to hear that.

If ok could you tell me what you stage is and what all your symptoms were please, thank you x

Hope everything goes well for you x


My cancer is stage 3b, I had raw severe pain during my period, low back pain, stabbing pains either side of my stomach every now and then at any time of the month and fatigue.

Just a little update,

Just got back home from my smear, had abit of a telling off from the nurse at how long it’s been.

She first used a short speculum as I’m short but then couldn’t see my cervix :neutral_face:
Then got a long one and managed to ‘find’ it, she said it was small perhaps due to fact I had C-section with my daughter…who knows.

She said that there was a little discharge and a little old blood ( period didn’t end that long ago), I asked her if everything looked ok down there and she said yes everything looked fine.

Keeping fingers and crossed that the results come back fine.

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Just wanted to give a little update…smear test results arrived on Tuesday literally 4-5 days after having my smear and I was petrified at the fact results weee soo quick when nurse had said 2 weeks.

Smear test completely clear…no HPV detected. I am beyond relieved…never again will I let myself go without having a routine smear.

Unfortunately the good news was short lived…my partner was diagnosed with cancer the same day I did my smear :broken_heart: a new battle begins x

Oh no!!! Ems I’m so sorry! Have they been graded yet, is it curable? xxx

Hi @SamG

The specialist didn’t tell us the stage and we didn’t ask…think it’s better that way.

He has been diagnosed with multiple myeloma, no cure but is treatable, has small lesions on his ribs and back. He in himself is fine …chemo starts in September with a stem cell transplant within a few months.
Hoping that with all the advances in treatment that they will work for him xx

Keeping fingers crossed for you xx